Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thrift Store Bargains

I went thrift store shopping today and found me a boat (ship, 1.55) for the bedroom! LOL Well actually I found 2 but one is a small one. I also found a X-large glass vase that was green with some of the green peeled off in a tiny area and I could tell I could get all the green off so I bought it for 1.55. I figured it would be neat for a sea shell arrangement and then put sea shells inside the vase. I've already been playing with it and got almost all the green paint off the outside of it. So now it's a clear X-large vase! ;) As you can see, there is just a little of the green paint stuff on the very bottom of the vase. But my back was bothering me hanging over the tub scratching that green off so I stopped and will finish it another day. That vase looks small on the pic but it's a good 1- 1/2 ft. tall. I also got 100 yds. of paper raffia for .55 I can use in my crafts and flower arrangements or maybe even to use in the bedroom in some sort of arrangement, who knows?
Notice the beige flower pot. That thing is so cool. It's glass, nice and heavy and looks like some sort of rope intertwined together. I will probably paint King Jorge some colors that will be in the room so it will look right in there. ;) King Jorge is metal, not plastic.

I didn't get to spend the time looking I wanted to since DH was waiting on me at the library but I did find some neat things. I found a small box like thing to hang on the wall for sea shells is what I am thinking it would be neat for. Pictured above...... It's about 2 1/2' long and about 5" wide with loads of little shelves in it. I could either hang it vertical or horizontal I think. It would need painting I think since it's been stained and varnished but it wasn't but .55 so I got it. I'll have to take pix later for you so you can see.