Saturday, October 18, 2008

Turnips LOL AND Sea Shells

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Yeah you read that right. I had them running out my ears (the turnips NOT the sea shells LOL) today! NOW WHY didn't I think to get a pic of them? ARG! I never think of that until I get on here to share with you all. Our friends called and told us to come over there to get some to can and they would help us get them. WHAT GOOD FRIENDS to do that!!!! Anyway they had already told us to come before now but we haven't yet. So today we had planned on going after lunch but they called and said come on and they would help us. So we got them picked and they even helped us WASH THEM! I cooked and canned 19 quarts of turnips. We had two of those huge blue plastic tubs FULL of turnips when we started but you know how they cook down to nothing. Now my house smells of cooked turnips. lol Guess what we will be having tomorrow for lunch? Yep that and cornbread, and some pork roast. Yummy!

NOW ABOUT THE SEA SHELLS.................
I want you to look at what my daughter sat and did this morning. When we left to go to the turnip patch she was sitting there messing with them on the floor. I had washed them and laid them out on the paper to dry. BUT I just threw them onto the paper basically piled them on there. She sat there playing with them and when we got home they were all lined up on this piece of paper. I had to take a pic of them to show you guys! lol I can not believe she sat there and did that, just because. Before we left I just thought she was sitting there looking at them. These are the ones we found at Gulf Shores on our trip last weekend. I also have a large stainless steel bowl of them but they are the large ones that has some holes in them. But like I told Mattie, that is ok that they have holes in them. I basically spent my whole weekend picking up sea shells. They swam and I hunted. I did swim just a little but not much. I knew I wanted to fill those large vases with sea shells and I would much rather fill them with the ones I have picked up rather than bought ones. Much more memories in the picked up ones. lol

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