Friday, October 17, 2008

Shopping and A Deer

Isn't it just so much fun to shop? I was thinking today, oh dear it's almost Christmas here on us. I need to get busy with that now so it wont all have to be done at the last minute.

I went to my all time favorite junk store today and found two pieces of beveled glass for my little columns outside as well a nice glass for Matties little sea shells and sand collection. I also got a couple more things there and all total it wasn't but 3.00 something. Can't beat that! I think she charged me .50 each for those beveled glass pieces. They are perfect in size for those columns! I was excited about those because they're not broke or mess up at all.

Then went by Ross and got a few things for a friend of mine for Christmas decorating. I had fun actually getting out of the house today. Didn't get to go by the Salvation Army though. :( But at least I got to go to my favorite one. ;)

Now I bet you're wanting to know about the deer. lol Last night when my DD came home, she said there were TWO doe's standing on the dam of our pond. She said they just stood there and looked at her when she was driving over it. Or should I say, trying to drive over it because they were in the way of her getting to the other side. She said if she'd had her camera which she USUALLY DOES HAVE WITH HER 24-7, she could have taken pix of them. She was mega upset because she didn't have the camera. She had forgotten it in her bedroom on her dresser when she left for work that morning. So one day soon I HOPE you will see a pic on here of our little doe's that are roaming around in our yard. I guess they saw the posted signs I put up on all the trees out there by the road a couple weeks back trying to keep hunters off our property. ;) Maybe they will stay safe here on our land if they will stay put. I hope so anyway. We LOVE seeing them and would love to get pix one day soon!!!! Our property is FINELY getting really sheltered for them so they can hide and that's very exciting. We have the water in the pond out front for them and everything. So stay tuned for some deer pix I HOPE! LOL

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