Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finding Favor With God

I was just sitting here doing my devotion today and had to share this because it is so good!

The devotion is called, Devotions for Women by Jill Briscoe and she was saying how Noah found favor with God and he was the ONLY truly righteous man in that time that did, and that he was a PLEASURE to God. (Gen.6:9) WOW I don’t know about you but the word pleasure struck a wow note with me. The first thing that comes to mind with me naturally is food! ha I find pleasure in chocolate desserts that have chocolate Jello pudding and graham cracker crust in them. Oh and pecans are even nice as well. I mean, I just LOVE those desserts most of all. They are like a comfort food to me and I can litterly go, ahhhhhhhhh when eating it.

So naturally since I get so much pleasure from some foods I thought, wow, he found pleasure to God. So I’m thinking does God go ahhhhhhhh when He sees me? How awesome to be a pleasure to God.

When we have children they are a pleasure to us when they are little and also sometimes as they grow older they’re also a pleasure to us especially when they’re doing right.

Like our kids, we’re either a pleasure to the Lord or we’re a pain as Jill says in the devotion. I added the kids part.

We need to find out how to bring pleasure to the Lord. She says sometimes we want to please Him but we don’t find out what to do to bring pleasure to Him. We’re mostly concerned on how He can please us. She says the first thing that pleases Him is our right behavior…. our holy living, even when no one is around.

Are we honest? Do we follow His commandments? How are our morals? Do we try our best to live like the Bible says to live?

When  God looks at us, are we a pleasure or a pain? Man how I want to be a pleasure to Him!!! I know that He looks upon my heart and He knows exactly what’s in it. He’s just so awesome like that. He knows just who I am like no one else does. He knows the REAL ME and He even loves me anyway. He knows what I am in need of even before I ask. He just asks us to ask anyway.

What can you and I do to be a pleasure to God? Not a pleasure to others, BUT a pleasure to God?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moving Stuff Into Sewing Room Today

Haven’t decided just how to organize it yet but putting the stuff in to get it out of the living room and I can decide later.

The color of the room are not true in these night shots.

sewing room 1



sewing room 2

I am going to paint the gray filing cabinet an almond color or maybe green and put it against the wall the dresser is against so it doesn’t go out in the room so far. It’s rather deep! The door will be painted a linen color.

sewing room 4

The stuff to the left of the pic is a sewing project I need to do.


Moving the sewing machine cabinet out of the living room makes me have more space in there and it already looks much better!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sewing Room is Painted!

I got the sewing room painted today. Needless to say I am sooooo tired! But am so happy to finally have this done. I have some touch ups I need to do that is up really high. Since I don’t do heights my daughter said she would take care of that for me tomorrow after we go to her church to eat some crawfish.

I might even be able to get my front door painted as well. That would be so nice because I would be finished with that to. I have primed all the moldings but can’t decide what I want to do there because the ones in the house are stained and varnished and I am slowly but surely painting those and am trying to decide what color I want to paint them all through the house. So the ones in the sewing room might just stay primed until I decide what to do with them.

I figured I would share some pix with ya of the painting. The color is a green color and is called Dried Fava. It’s the color I used in the living room and this room joins it so I thought it would be nice to paint it the same color. I’ve got to sand and prime the front door on the inside.

painted 1

The room is like 8’ wide and 32’ long.


I let it dry some and then put my covers back on the plug in thingies.

painted 2

More later, stay tuned……. Open-mouthed smile

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping

Went to town yesterday and decided to go by the thrift store that I like so well. Our bathroom sinks are needing replacing so I was more than happy when I found these THREE sinks! That’s JUST the number of them I needed to!

They are made out of some kind of cement plaster stuff so these wont be going anywhere any time soon. I think they will be here when I have great great grandkids. lol

sinks 1

Well I got the sewing room wall kilzed this evening. Now hopefully I can get it painted soon. My arms and shoulders are already hurting. Here is a couple pix of it kilzed.




and another shot.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flooring Going In Today

Yipeeeee I think this is the last thing they lack. I am SOOOO GLAD I chose this color for the laminate flooring because it is soooooooooooooooo pretty! They are moving right along with it to so they should be done pretty shortly. They do such good work!

Wanted to show you how pretty it is.  Can you tell I am excited? Did I say what good work they do? Winking smile

floor ONE

The directions said to put down plastic at least 3 Mil thick so that’s what they are doing. Also they are leaving the gaps around the edges that is says to leave as well.

floor 6

Front side view of the siding and the rails down the steps in. Hubby wanted them to put a piece of gutter over the steps because the rain was messing up the cement in between the bricks on the steps. Now I need to trim my hedge down some and make me some window boxes to dress it up a bit. Don’t like shutters because of wasps building in them!! So I think window boxes would be PERFECT! I want to paint the front door a forest green and I can paint the window boxes that color to and I think that would tie everything together really well. Then I can plant some sun loving plants in them.

front w vinyl

It looks kind of funny right now without the front porch but with the window boxes I think that will finish it off and make it look nice.

front vinyl

They only lack about 15 minutes being done with the flooring and then they will put in the shoe mold and molding around the bottom.

There was a gap in between the molding and the vinyl siding so he filled it in and it made it look so nice!

molding top


top molding 2

He made the molding for this area and rounded off the edge so it would look nice. I’m not going to fill in the lines on the vinyl siding because that doesn’t bother me.

top molding

NOW after today I can get to kilzing the walls so I can put some paint on them. Open-mouthed smile

Monday, March 21, 2011

Shelves Above My Windows

Someone wanted to see my shelves we have above our windows. Hubby and I made them all. It’s not hard to do them the way we did them because you use the little 1x2 board to screw them into the wall with. The 1x2 board is under the top board that you sit things on the shelf and between the little legs as I call them.

OK now for the pix…..

This is the dining room ones. We made this set of shelves to go all the way around the room. What we did on this one is, we measured the walls on each side of the dining room and made those first. Then we measured and made the other two for the other two walls.



shelves 2

Now for the ones we made with the curtain rods in them for the living room.


I had to take my things off the shelves in the front of the house with all the hammering on the front porch. So they are empty. I painted them the same color as the wall because I wanted them to blend in and not stick out.


We have four windows in the living room.



A close up view.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sewing Room Almost Done

They are almost done with the sewing room. Got to float the walls one more time on Monday and they will be ready for some Kilz.

He made me some really nice wide window seals for the windows and I just had to show them to you.

window seal 2

They got the ceiling fans and the doors in. He has still got to get the screen door and move it to the outside door.

south view

ceiling fan

This was the original door that was on the house under the porch. We wanted to move it to the outside and put the screen door over it. I will paint it to match the room on this side and then paint it on the outside. I am STILL trying to figure out WHAT color for the outside. He’s still got to do the frame work around the front door. He does such good work! I just LOVE the wider window seals!!!


Stay tuned for more later.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sheetrock Today

The guys got the sheet rock up today and since we were gone and they couldn’t come in to do some of the stuff they needed to do they tended to some other things my husband wanted them to do as well. He wanted them to change out some of the 4x4 posts on the back of the house by the patio and carport. He also wanted them to wire us a light for out there and to remove a flood light that was in the way of something else we had built on a few years back.

Here are a few pix after the sheetrock went up. He’s got to mud it one more time I think is what he called it. He had to let it dry in between coats. The ceilings are 9’ tall so he had to use 2 sheets of the sheetrock and then a part of another one in the center area.  I like the way he puts it up. It helps on his back doing it this way so he don’t have to get down low to do it.


He said he liked to put in some nice wide window shelves which I like because my flowers will LOVE that.


Now a view from the other end. I put that board up over the opening for the door to keep the cats out and to hopefully keep other critters out as well.


Little closer view of the track lights and the ceiling.


I am going tomorrow and get some molding and some flooring. I’m still not very sure on the flooring. Hopefully I will feel better and get a decision made tomorrow about that. lol

They have done an awesome job on the room and I couldn’t be more happy with it. It’s just going to be so nice having all my stuff together in ONE PLACE! All my crafts and sewing stuff will fit in here. Open-mouthed smile

Opps I think I forgot to say the doors go in tomorrow. YEA!!!!

Stay tuned……………

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Insulation, Track Lighting, and AC Vents

They got to work on the sewing room again today and got the insulation in the walls and the roof. They also got all the ply board put back up over head as well as the vinyl siding over head. Then after they got that done they were able to put the track lighting up on each end. Oh they also got the duct work ran in the attic to the sewing room for the heating and cooling. So they got a lot done today.

They will start on the sheetrock in the morning when they get here. He also got me one plug in working out there today so I was able to put me a fan out there this evening while I washed and cleaned the vinyl wall. I got half of it cleaned and will have to do the other half later. Now I am on my ice pack again.

Here are some pix so you can see details. The sewing room is on the west. This is the front with all the windows. I will put up some roman blinds over the windows so in the heat of the summer I can close them if the suns coming in. As you can see they got the insulation in the walls.

west view of all windows

Track lights on one end and the ac vent. Where you see the other hole is where the ceiling fan will go. We went to a lighting place and were very blessed to find some almond ceiling fans with the lights kits. Since the roof is almond I thought that would look nice. They call the color antique white but they look almond to me. lol I might just have to paint that WHITE AC vent! Winking smile

track lights in

See my clean roof? It took me hours to hand wash it, back AND front sides. It was so nasty from dirt dobbers on the back side.

porch with clean vinyl siding roof

I checked out the track lighting this evening when I was washing down the wall of vinyl siding. I got that side finished and now I’ve got to do the other side later.

cleaned vinyl siding 1

And here’s the other side with it’s track lighting and WHITE vent. lol He’ll put up the ceiling fans after he gets the sheetrock done. There will be one for each side just like the vents and the track lights. Hopefully this will make it nice and cool since it is on the west.

2nd track lighting 1

Hopefully tomorrow I can show you some sheetrock up on the walls. They also lack the vinyl siding on the outside which we had to order. The company that made the siding doesn’t make this color anymore, Imagine that!  So we had to choose another company and try to get it as close to the color of ours as we could. I STILL like this color after 21 years in the house!

OK that’s about all the photo’s I have for now. Stay tuned for more later. Smile

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 3 and Getting More Done

The guys didn’t get to work on the sewing room yesterday due to all the rain, but they did go get more supplies. You just can’t see any progress in that. Winking smile 

Anyway wanted to show you what they got done today. He said he should be done with it in about 2 weeks.

Got the windows in today.


Got er wrapped up……, sealed with chalk in bunches of places.




Didn’t get the door in today though.


Metal siding on the bottom to keep out blowing rain.


Looks nice how he lapped it over the edge of the brick.


Going to remove the original door that is on the house already and put this one in it’s place. Going to put the original door to the outside with it’s screen door as well. This way maybe we will get back some of our light we’re losing in the living room by closing in the porch.


Got one more pic to share with my sister. Remember how LOW the pond was the other day when you were here? It was just about a foot deep! NOW look at it! It’s probably 10-12 foot now. Or maybe even more than that!  You know where the bench is around the tree. Look how far the water is backed up into the pine trees.

These next pix was yesterday’s pix.






Stay tuned, more to come later…….