Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 3 and Getting More Done

The guys didn’t get to work on the sewing room yesterday due to all the rain, but they did go get more supplies. You just can’t see any progress in that. Winking smile 

Anyway wanted to show you what they got done today. He said he should be done with it in about 2 weeks.

Got the windows in today.


Got er wrapped up……, sealed with chalk in bunches of places.




Didn’t get the door in today though.


Metal siding on the bottom to keep out blowing rain.


Looks nice how he lapped it over the edge of the brick.


Going to remove the original door that is on the house already and put this one in it’s place. Going to put the original door to the outside with it’s screen door as well. This way maybe we will get back some of our light we’re losing in the living room by closing in the porch.


Got one more pic to share with my sister. Remember how LOW the pond was the other day when you were here? It was just about a foot deep! NOW look at it! It’s probably 10-12 foot now. Or maybe even more than that!  You know where the bench is around the tree. Look how far the water is backed up into the pine trees.

These next pix was yesterday’s pix.






Stay tuned, more to come later…….

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