Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Insulation, Track Lighting, and AC Vents

They got to work on the sewing room again today and got the insulation in the walls and the roof. They also got all the ply board put back up over head as well as the vinyl siding over head. Then after they got that done they were able to put the track lighting up on each end. Oh they also got the duct work ran in the attic to the sewing room for the heating and cooling. So they got a lot done today.

They will start on the sheetrock in the morning when they get here. He also got me one plug in working out there today so I was able to put me a fan out there this evening while I washed and cleaned the vinyl wall. I got half of it cleaned and will have to do the other half later. Now I am on my ice pack again.

Here are some pix so you can see details. The sewing room is on the west. This is the front with all the windows. I will put up some roman blinds over the windows so in the heat of the summer I can close them if the suns coming in. As you can see they got the insulation in the walls.

west view of all windows

Track lights on one end and the ac vent. Where you see the other hole is where the ceiling fan will go. We went to a lighting place and were very blessed to find some almond ceiling fans with the lights kits. Since the roof is almond I thought that would look nice. They call the color antique white but they look almond to me. lol I might just have to paint that WHITE AC vent! Winking smile

track lights in

See my clean roof? It took me hours to hand wash it, back AND front sides. It was so nasty from dirt dobbers on the back side.

porch with clean vinyl siding roof

I checked out the track lighting this evening when I was washing down the wall of vinyl siding. I got that side finished and now I’ve got to do the other side later.

cleaned vinyl siding 1

And here’s the other side with it’s track lighting and WHITE vent. lol He’ll put up the ceiling fans after he gets the sheetrock done. There will be one for each side just like the vents and the track lights. Hopefully this will make it nice and cool since it is on the west.

2nd track lighting 1

Hopefully tomorrow I can show you some sheetrock up on the walls. They also lack the vinyl siding on the outside which we had to order. The company that made the siding doesn’t make this color anymore, Imagine that!  So we had to choose another company and try to get it as close to the color of ours as we could. I STILL like this color after 21 years in the house!

OK that’s about all the photo’s I have for now. Stay tuned for more later. Smile

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