Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sewing Room

Well it looks like the close in for the sewing room will be starting on Monday around lunch time.  I’m excited to a degree because this will help with heating AND cooling on the house I think since this is the west. Plus the porch hardly ever got used and this will help with some clutter in the house! We’re really going to insulate it so that should help with the heating and cooling as well. PLUS it sure is exciting to know that I will be able to sit down and sew without having to move heaven and earth to do it. I have so much sewing stuff and it just will not all fit into the small room and the living room is always cluttered when I have to sew.

I am hoping I can find some good deals on some windows and a door to. I wasn’t planning on having carpet since I dearly hate the mess but from what I am understanding the carpet will be much better on my back than the hardwood flooring since it will be on the concrete.

Anyway since the floor is concrete we’re going to put down some really firm padding so hopefully that concrete floor wont effect my back so bad. The house is not on a concrete foundation so that helps big time with this back problem I have and with his knees and hip.

I’ve been finding some little metal baskets along as I shop in the thrift stores. I have 3 larger ones and 2 small ones now. My plans are to put one of the metal shelving units up on the wall and hang these from it to organize my sewing things in.

First order of business once he gets finished with the room is to make some roman blinds for all those windows. There will be 5 of them out there.

OK stay tuned as we start the building process! Smile

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