Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flooring Going In Today

Yipeeeee I think this is the last thing they lack. I am SOOOO GLAD I chose this color for the laminate flooring because it is soooooooooooooooo pretty! They are moving right along with it to so they should be done pretty shortly. They do such good work!

Wanted to show you how pretty it is.  Can you tell I am excited? Did I say what good work they do? Winking smile

floor ONE

The directions said to put down plastic at least 3 Mil thick so that’s what they are doing. Also they are leaving the gaps around the edges that is says to leave as well.

floor 6

Front side view of the siding and the rails down the steps in. Hubby wanted them to put a piece of gutter over the steps because the rain was messing up the cement in between the bricks on the steps. Now I need to trim my hedge down some and make me some window boxes to dress it up a bit. Don’t like shutters because of wasps building in them!! So I think window boxes would be PERFECT! I want to paint the front door a forest green and I can paint the window boxes that color to and I think that would tie everything together really well. Then I can plant some sun loving plants in them.

front w vinyl

It looks kind of funny right now without the front porch but with the window boxes I think that will finish it off and make it look nice.

front vinyl

They only lack about 15 minutes being done with the flooring and then they will put in the shoe mold and molding around the bottom.

There was a gap in between the molding and the vinyl siding so he filled it in and it made it look so nice!

molding top


top molding 2

He made the molding for this area and rounded off the edge so it would look nice. I’m not going to fill in the lines on the vinyl siding because that doesn’t bother me.

top molding

NOW after today I can get to kilzing the walls so I can put some paint on them. Open-mouthed smile

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