Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sheetrock Today

The guys got the sheet rock up today and since we were gone and they couldn’t come in to do some of the stuff they needed to do they tended to some other things my husband wanted them to do as well. He wanted them to change out some of the 4x4 posts on the back of the house by the patio and carport. He also wanted them to wire us a light for out there and to remove a flood light that was in the way of something else we had built on a few years back.

Here are a few pix after the sheetrock went up. He’s got to mud it one more time I think is what he called it. He had to let it dry in between coats. The ceilings are 9’ tall so he had to use 2 sheets of the sheetrock and then a part of another one in the center area.  I like the way he puts it up. It helps on his back doing it this way so he don’t have to get down low to do it.


He said he liked to put in some nice wide window shelves which I like because my flowers will LOVE that.


Now a view from the other end. I put that board up over the opening for the door to keep the cats out and to hopefully keep other critters out as well.


Little closer view of the track lights and the ceiling.


I am going tomorrow and get some molding and some flooring. I’m still not very sure on the flooring. Hopefully I will feel better and get a decision made tomorrow about that. lol

They have done an awesome job on the room and I couldn’t be more happy with it. It’s just going to be so nice having all my stuff together in ONE PLACE! All my crafts and sewing stuff will fit in here. Open-mouthed smile

Opps I think I forgot to say the doors go in tomorrow. YEA!!!!

Stay tuned……………

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