Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I wanted to come on my blog and just wish you all a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you have an awesome day and have all the things you love and look forward to eating on this day we set aside to celebrate for Thanksgiving.

Have a really blessed day!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hanging Cricut Mats and Making Building Blocks

Today was a good warm day to get some projects done outside.

I wanted some way to hang my cricut mats and I found these little clippies at the Dollar Tree. I got my trusty drill and 3 drill bits and drilled a hole in the back of each one so they would hang on my hook on my peg board.

I started out with the smaller drill bit and worked up to the bigger one so it wouldn’t break my little clippies.


On the card it says power clips and they are for food storage.


You can see the holes in this pic. I found a bit that was a little larger than the hook so it wouldn’t be such a tight fit when I hang it on the hook through the hole I drilled.


I clipped two of them together on this clippie. You can see how the clippie hangs on the little peg hook in this pic.

And I have 2 extra clippies to use for something else.

Then I went on from that project to this project below. I’ve been wanting some building blocks for a long time now to use for my mantel at Christmas time. I want to fix Merry Christmas for it out of the blocks. I did several different sizes so I would have larger ones for the capital letters and some shorter ones for the other letters. This is an old work table out on the patio. I need to paint it again. I had planned to put ceramic tile on it back during the spring but it made the table too heavy so I decided against it.


My daughter got some primmer on them tonight for me. She almost got them all done. I think she said she only lacked 20 finishing them. I figured I would use my cricut for the letters.


I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday looking and found a couple bags of plain blocks and they wanted 8.99 for each bag. They had about 8 or so per bag. I would have had to have 2 bags just to get Merry Christmas from them. That would have been 18.00 bucks plus tax. So I went to Lowe’s and got TWO 2x2’s eight foot long I believe they were for 1.42 each. Did you get that? 1.42 each. It took longer to sand all of them than it did to cut them out. lol  I cut some of them 1 1/2” and some of the 2” and some of them 3” tall and I’m thinking some 3 1/2” tall. I have a BUNCH of building blocks now and I do mean a bunch. I figured I would do the word Faith, and maybe Family, and some other words for decorating with. But for Christmas decorating I will do Joy, Peace, and Merry Christmas, and not sure what else. I am also thinking maybe I wont do them in Christmas colors so I can decorate with them all year using them to spell out other words during the year. I’m having a little trouble finding Christmas colors in vinyl anyway. I found a red and white gingham check and one that has apples and green leaves and when you cut it up it looks a little Christmasy. I’m using contact paper for my vinyl actually instead of Cricut vinyl and it works wonderful!

My husband bought me a Cricut Expression for Christmas and it came with 3 cartridges and they are all Christmas cartridges. I have the Gingerbread one and I am thinking about making some Christmas tree ornaments with it for the tree IF I have time.

Anyway stay tuned with me and I will post more pix when I get the projects done. Leave me a message or two. I love hearing from you all. Smile