Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Bargain

Today while at my favorite thrift store I found a filing cabinet for the sewing room and the office. It wasn't but 10.00 and does have a few rust spots on it but I was going to paint it the color of the office anyway so that's ok. I can lightly sand them and paint it to match the office/sewing room. It's about chest high. I really love the smaller drawers AND the door area of it. It has shelves in that side. Sorry that the photo is a little blurry. I don't know what's going on with my camera! The past few pix I have taken with it have been blurry. I don't know what's going on with it. I figured this would make a nice cabinet for all my sewing things! Yes one more project for me to do now. lol The bottom was pretty rusty so I sit it on some paper close to the back door so I could get it painted soon and get it in it's place. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Weather

Well it's misting rain so we wont be working in the yard today like I thought we would on my last post. We really needed to rest anyway because we're both walking around here grunting like old folks. lol NOT that we are old folks! hee hee

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nice Weather for

Yep we've been having some nice weather for working in the yard. So a couple days this week we worked out in the yard trying to get it whipped back into shape. It's been let go for several years now basically because I just didn't feel good and just didn't do it. I kept the grass mowed but that's about it. After I got to be a diabetic I just didn't have the energy to fight it anymore. I had been basically doing it alone but the husband has started helping me with it now. We really made a dent in some of the beds today. One of the larger beds was loaded down with stickers. They were very large ones to!! We pulled them out this evening until it got too dark to see what we were doing. I'm sure there is still some of the smaller ones left in it. He said he was going to get back out there tomorrow if he was able. We're both sore as can be.
I was wearing shorts today and told DH, who would have ever thought I'd be out working in the yard in Jan. in shorts? lol It was just that warm here! Buddy is having a total blast out there with us and wants to STAY right under us! Today DH had laid the shovel and the pitch fork against the back of one of the lawn chairs and it slid off the chair and hit Buddy smack in the head. I had JUST told him, you better get back, and then whack! He yelped and then ran off but was right back under us shortly after that. Silly dog. Anyway he's loving it outside.
So if I don't post much in the next few days, I'll be working in this poor yard or painting the bedroom one or the other. lol

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flea Market and Antique Store Shopping

Remember you can click on the pix to enlarge them!

As promised I am posting some pix. I am going to post several so I may have to do 2-3 posts since my daughter is expecting a phone call in a few minutes and I will have to get off the computer so he can talk to her. ;)

This is pix of some linens that was just thrown in one of the little booths. I thought about Cindy over at Romantic Homes when I saw all these linens since she loves them so!

The next pix are of this persons booth.

I dearly LOVE how they have their booth fixed!

OK maybe I have a little more time before he calls. lol I'll load a couple more pix.... the next ones are of a little secretary I liked and a curio cabinet that is NOTHING BUT FINE! They wanted 1,200.00 for it! OUCH! Mines like it but much smaller and not quite as much wood. BUT I love mine to!

And now for my purchase is my 20.00 purchase. This is a VERY NICE stainless steel pot!!!

I dearly loved all these colonial people lamps! They were going for 100.00 ea.

Then the greenish bedroom suit and the armoire and dresser. OUCH they wanted 5,999.00 for this set. The dresser has marble on top of it. This thing would be MEGA MEGA FINE painted country white wouldn't it? :)

Flea Market and Antique Store Shopping

My daughter and I went to have lunch at the tea room today and they were closed so we went somewhere else. Then afterwards some how ;) we found ourselves at the flea market and antique store. Man I got some neat pix. I even thought about Cindy over at Romantic Homes blog when I saw herds and herds of linens. I even took some pix of the piles. lol Anyway mega tired tonight so maybe I can get this done tomorrow so I've got to get in the bed tonight but will post pix tomorrow of some neat things I saw today. And of one thing I did buy that I COULD NOT resist! lol
Come back and check it out. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beachy Bedroom

Well I am done with priming the walls in the bedroom. I just happen to think awhile ago though that I do need to prime the baseboards at the bottom of the wall and all the moldings around the doors and window AND also all three doors. And here I was just thinking I was done priming! lol Oh well, the hardest part is done anyway. ;) I can't wait to get those doors primed and get rid of that stain. I am sick of this stain. Don't know WHAT I was thinking when we did the WHOLE HOUSE in the same color stain. I mean everything is stained that same color from the cabinets in the kitchen to the cabinets in the bathrooms and then all the doors and all the moldings. EVEN the beadboard was the same color! lol
So slowly but surely I am getting rid of this stain! ;)
I've got most all the smaller items of furniture out of the bedroom, here in the office. All that's left in the bedroom is my night stand, the dresser which is a honking dresser solid wood and mega mega heavy so I am working around it, and then the bed which is out in the middle of the floor.
One of these days I will be done with this bedroom and wont be wanting to redo it anytime soon I don't think. When I first started it I never dreamed in a million years it would take me THIS LONG to get it done! It's been one thing after another that's kept me from working on it. So hopefully now I can work on it another day this week and get one more step closer to being finished with it. I will need another gallon of primer I guess. I have already used close to 2 gallons on those walls and I am only going half way down the wall, it's not the whole wall on all four sides. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Buddy in His Car Seat

I wanted to show you all our little puppy, (Buddy) in his car seat I found the other day for .25 or .50, not sure which but either one was a bargain! LOL That way I didn't have to make it!!! :)

He really loves going bye bye. It's a good thing to! lol

You can't see the strap but he IS strapped in. :)


I am finally feeling better and regaining my strength back after being sick with that sinus crud that's going around.

Sooooooooo I have finally gotten started priming the bedroom wall! I was about to burn up with all this heat on to help it dry but it's being primed! I have the heater going in there and the central heat is on almost 70 which it never gets sit on! Man that wall is drinking up that primer though! I'm going to have to get another gallon of primer. I'm only priming half way down each wall because the bottom is the bead board I believe is what it's called and it's already painted. I'm going to leave that color and SEE what it looks like with the color before I get paint for it to. It might look good with my colors because it's a sand color and since it's going to be beachy that would do great. I have one wall completely done and half of another and started on the other wall. I didn't do the other half of the first wall I started on because the night stand was in the way so I just went the other direction. lol I just can not wait to get this room finished and I sure hope we both fall in love with it because I DO NOT want to redo this room anytime soon!!! lol Man it sure is WHITE with that primer! LOL

I decided to take some pix and show you. The first pic is how it all looked after I peeled all the paint off the wall. I had to hand peel it ALL OFF. It was quite a job! On all the other pix if you will notice there is primer on the molding, that's OK because I plan to paint the moldings and all the doors.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Blues AND Clutter

On one of the forums I visit a lot we're discussing the winter blahs and that got me to thinking. One of the ladies asked if it was just her that wants to do something new or was someone else like this. Bunches of us have responded and said yes we're like that to. After Christmas and all the decorations are put away things look bare and not shiny anymore with all the lights and shiny items of Christmas. The weather is dreary with little to no sun and lots of rain and some have the snow that I am SOOOOO THANKFUL we don't have much of. :) Anyway I was telling her I go through wanting change like this all year long but especially at this time off the year. It just lifts me up to have some changes. I get tired of things being the same way all the time and it just perks me up to change things often. I love fresh flowers especially in the wintertime. You know, it just hit me, that would make a GREAT Christmas present for me and I've never even thought about it until now. You're like, WHAT are you talking about? ;) A Wal-mart gift card because I could get a bunch of fresh flowers every other week until my gift card ran out. What a great idea! ;) You can use it if you like, for someone that likes fresh flowers in the wintertime to perk herself up. You could specify on the envelope what the cards for and that it's NOT TO BE USED FOR NOTHING ELSE. :) Talk about a gift that KEEPS ON GIVING!

Also on another subject..... I've been thinking about posting about this for awhile and I was reminded again earlier today about it. We pass this house that is in our town ever so often that just kills me. You ask why do I feel like that when I pass the house? OK let me see if I can explain it. When I first noticed the house years back, it has a 2 car carport, then a small front porch that I'd say is 3' wide x 12' long. There was never a car there and lights were on so I figured an elderly lady must have lived there. Well I noticed early in the year of '07 there was a car there and they were cleaning the place out. So I figured the lady must have passed away or was moved into an converest home. Why I say cleaning the place out is because, oh my goodness, the whole carport, and the porch was litterly packed and I DO MEAN PACKED with STUFF! Boxes and just stuff. I've only seen one other place like that in my life and it was one of my husbands friends Mom's place. She had a path in the living room to walk into the hallway and in every room of that house was a path she could walk and boxes were stacked to the ceiling with stuff in them. She had them all labeled and I always wondered just HOW could she live like that? She did craft shows and when she would find bargains on things she used to make her craft things she would purchase the things and store them in boxes. Needless to say she had loads and loads of things to use for making her items to sell. Anyway it appears this other home was like this as well. It has a large picture window in the house under the porch and the house looked like the carport. Now I'm not meaning to run these people down if that's how it appears, but what I am trying to say is this, I was thinking about the people they leave behind having to clean that stuff out and figure out what to do with it all. Under normal circumstances we have lots of stuff to have to deal with when cleaning out a home when the person passes on. I can see how over whelming it could get for figuring out what to do with all the things but when the person has THIS MUCH "stuff" one would be tempted to get the shovel or a back hoe and push it all out the door to the curb. :( I noticed this house here in our town, in the early spring of '07 they were starting to clean it out. Piles of stuff that looked like trash was piled all out in the yard and it looks like they are STILL in the process of cleaning the house out. I got to thinking, man I would not want to leave my daughter with that kind of a burden when I pass away because our families or most all of them have jobs and life's of their own and under normal circumstances it's hard on them to get the house cleaned out but it's so much clutter it's wayyyy harder on them. Anyway this just really got me to thinking because one never never knows when it's going to be their time to leave this earth and I just can't stand the thought of leaving things in that order for my daughter to have to deal with!!!
Do you have clutter issues? I know I did and still do to a certain degree. That's one reason why I/we de-cluttered the attic. I have also been working on decluttering the house and it's an on going issue I have to deal with because there are three pack rats that live inside this house! LOL Two of them are much worse than one of them. ;)
There are folks out there that really need the items we are packing away for hard times. God tells us He provides for the birds of the air so He will also provide for us. I feel much better now that I have gotten rid of some of my clutter and will feel even better when I get rid of more of it. It weighs us down and stresses us out.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I got to get out by myself today and do some much needed me time. :) I went thrift store shopping and got several bargains. God richly blessed me several times today and I DO thank Him!!!! First off I found a Singer sewing machine for only 5.00 with it's own carrying case included. That's for my little friend that I am trying to help learn to sew. Then I also found one of the strap in car seats for our puppy and it wasn't but like .25 or .50. I had called my sister just a few days ago telling her I wanted to look at the one she had bought her dog so I could see how they were made because I wanted to make him one. Well now I don't have to. God truly does give me the desires of my heart! :) I found me a couple blouses at the same place. All of my items listed above included the two blouses were at the same place and it was 7.49 total.

Then when I got to the Salvation Army thrift store I found an attachment for a sewing machine that gathers and pleats your fabric for you. Since it didn't have a price on it I asked the guy in charge and I told him what it was and asked how much it would be and he told me .25! Thanked the Lord again! :) This was also for my little sewing buddy. :) When I bought mine years ago I paid over 20.00 for it at Sears. I also found a couple round pillows there as well for only 1.00 each. It seems they are being over ran with throw pillows so they have marked them down. lol One of them I bought is a very nice pillow from Penney's. The other one I mainly bought it for the round sponge it had in it.
I also found a precious little tea book and you know how much I like that! The name of the book is Scones, Muffins, Tea Cakes. It's a very pretty little book and that wasn't but 1.00. I can't wait to try out some of the recipes in it. I am wanting to have a Valentines Tea Party. :)

Here are pix of some of my bargains I found today. The bag thing hanging on my sewing chair is Buddy's car seat. I did leave some bargains as well. ;) I found a very nice wooden book shelf that I came sooooo close to buying. IF I could have just found an area in my house for it. It was only 15.00! BUT the only bad thing was it only had 2 move able shelves on it.

I really liked that blouse. I'm not a person that goes by style, I just buy what I like and I liked that blouse. lol
I bought several other things as well but didn't have pix of all of it. I got Buddy a couple stainless steel bowls at the Salv. Army thrift store for .25 each. I had fun as well. I really need to do this more often!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pretty Pink Roses

Found this pretty cooking dish

this morning for a mere 3.00 and just HAD to have it since it had pink roses on it. :) It says it's oven proof, microwavable and dishwasher safe! Wow what plus's! ;)

I have no idea what I am going to do with it but ya gotta love those pink roses!

Then I also found something I have asked for, for Christmas for several years! Birds and Blooms has them in their catalog but I've never seen one to buy before. It's one of those heaters to keep the birdbath from freezing so the birds will have water that's not frozen. That was still in it's pack and was only 2.00!!!! Birds and Blooms has it or had it for 30, or 40.00 if I am remembering right. Needless to say I was mega excited when I found it. So now when we're going to have freezing weather for a few days the birds will have nice water to drink. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Victorian Things

Oh my goodness, I have stumbled upon something that is just simply awesome! I was at the thrift store last week and found this hardback book and paid only 2.00 for it. You know HOW MUCH I LOVE VICTORIAN THINGS!!! :) Oh before I forget to tell you, the name of the book is Mrs. Sharps Tradition's....... Reviving Victorian Family Celebrations of Comfort and Joy, by: Sarah Ban Breathnach. She said she was in an antique store and found a whole trunk load of pristine Victorian women's and children's magazines. The owner of the shop told her that one of the areas eldest residents had died recently and when her family cleared out her attic, they'd found what was virtually a catalog of nineteenth- century domestic-life.
I'm not even out of the foreword part yet but I just had to come share this with you all I am SOOOOO EXCITED! Sneezing my head off as I type but excited to say the least!!!! Anyway she said that's what this book is about, those magazines. How kewl is that? Needless to say, I can't wait to read THIS BOOK! It says she's written another one as well, Simple Abundance (a daybook of comfort and joy)
Anyway I really didn't look at the book much when I bought it but saw Victorian and KNEW I'd be interested! I had an armload of books I bought there so I didn't have an arm free to really check the book out then. Since I have been sick and not feeling really strong this evening I thought I would lie down and read tonight for awhile. Man was I in for a treat! :)
It's a very nice hardback book and even has a green bookmark attached. :)
Just had to come back in here and share this with you all.

Happy New Year

I hope everyone is having a great new year so far! I am trying my bestest to get over this crud I have. I thought I was feeling better and have been up and about all day today and now I am feeling really drained and weak again. So I think I have over done. I am so passed ready to get started back on that bedroom so I can get my beachy bedroom done. :) I will get well soon I hope!

Anyway I sure hope you all are rested and well and having a great start to an awesome new year!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Buddy And Feeling Some Better

I am feeling a little better today and am up and around a little TRYING to do some de-cluttering! Little piles here, little piles there are just getting on my last nerve. So I am trying to pick up some. Running out of energy really fast though. So I came to the computer to take a break. I put Buddy in his cage to take a nap to.
DH took Buddy to the vet today for his other round of shots and to be checked again for those pin worms and they are totally gone now he said. YEAH! He's gained a pound and a half as well. We knew he had gained more because you can almost see him growing. lol He's getting longer as well. He started him on Heartguard, the kind you put on their necks that is for fleas and stuff as well. I didn't know they had that.
He already knows what no no means and he wants to mess with the no no's SO BAD that he will stand back barking and growling at them. lol He is such a good dog and is really catching on to his potty training really well. He's started going to the back door when he needs to go out and potty. NOW we know that he needs to go because before he wouldn't do anything when he had to go. He's a very smart little dog and we sure are enjoying him.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What's up?

What's up with me now a days is I am sick with some kind of crud I have had sine like Thurs. night. DD (dear daughter) as has it. She got it on Wed. night from her boyfriend. She went to the Dr. on Fri. and he said she had the crud that was going around. She is feeling better as of yesterday evening due to her meds. I started taking Mucinex last night and I feel some what better today but am still drained. I'm just lying around letting DH (dear hubby) tend to everything so I can get well.
All the Christmas things still aren't put away but I'm almost positive they will be there when I can get to them. lol
I sure hope you all are well and having a great new year so far!!!

I wanted to post a couple links to some thing. I went to Romantic Homes (Cindy) and saw her tassels and just had to share this. Her blog link is on the right of my blog but here is the tut for how to make the tassels. They're making some really pretty ones!!!!

Hope you enjoy all the ideas!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Click pics to enlarge>>>

This is some pretty bloopers I did while taking pix at Bellingrath Gardens.

Spring Has Sprung

Don't forget to click on the pix to enlarge them.......

Thought that would be a very good title to this one. ;)

Candy Land

Click to enlarge pix......

This reminds me of the CandyLand game.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Shadow

Wanted to show you where Buddy stays when I am sitting down. I had my camera sitting on the end table so it was handy.
It's like he has to be touching my feet. He sure does keep them warm when they're cold. lol

Look at This Dog! LOL

Remember to click on pix to enlarge........

Can ya tell the dog loves to ride or what? I had stopped at the gas station to get some gas and DH is holding him. Notice how he has his legs crossed! DH pointed that out to me so I grabbed my camera and snapped a pic. ;) If I hadn't of gotten the new camera for Christmas I wouldn't have had a camera with me. ;) This is a pic of him when we first went to see him. You can tell how much he has grown these last few weeks. You can also see how little he is on the first pic with him in his Santa suit. He looks like an armadillo in that thing! LOL