Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Victorian Things

Oh my goodness, I have stumbled upon something that is just simply awesome! I was at the thrift store last week and found this hardback book and paid only 2.00 for it. You know HOW MUCH I LOVE VICTORIAN THINGS!!! :) Oh before I forget to tell you, the name of the book is Mrs. Sharps Tradition's....... Reviving Victorian Family Celebrations of Comfort and Joy, by: Sarah Ban Breathnach. She said she was in an antique store and found a whole trunk load of pristine Victorian women's and children's magazines. The owner of the shop told her that one of the areas eldest residents had died recently and when her family cleared out her attic, they'd found what was virtually a catalog of nineteenth- century domestic-life.
I'm not even out of the foreword part yet but I just had to come share this with you all I am SOOOOO EXCITED! Sneezing my head off as I type but excited to say the least!!!! Anyway she said that's what this book is about, those magazines. How kewl is that? Needless to say, I can't wait to read THIS BOOK! It says she's written another one as well, Simple Abundance (a daybook of comfort and joy)
Anyway I really didn't look at the book much when I bought it but saw Victorian and KNEW I'd be interested! I had an armload of books I bought there so I didn't have an arm free to really check the book out then. Since I have been sick and not feeling really strong this evening I thought I would lie down and read tonight for awhile. Man was I in for a treat! :)
It's a very nice hardback book and even has a green bookmark attached. :)
Just had to come back in here and share this with you all.

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