Monday, January 12, 2009


I am finally feeling better and regaining my strength back after being sick with that sinus crud that's going around.

Sooooooooo I have finally gotten started priming the bedroom wall! I was about to burn up with all this heat on to help it dry but it's being primed! I have the heater going in there and the central heat is on almost 70 which it never gets sit on! Man that wall is drinking up that primer though! I'm going to have to get another gallon of primer. I'm only priming half way down each wall because the bottom is the bead board I believe is what it's called and it's already painted. I'm going to leave that color and SEE what it looks like with the color before I get paint for it to. It might look good with my colors because it's a sand color and since it's going to be beachy that would do great. I have one wall completely done and half of another and started on the other wall. I didn't do the other half of the first wall I started on because the night stand was in the way so I just went the other direction. lol I just can not wait to get this room finished and I sure hope we both fall in love with it because I DO NOT want to redo this room anytime soon!!! lol Man it sure is WHITE with that primer! LOL

I decided to take some pix and show you. The first pic is how it all looked after I peeled all the paint off the wall. I had to hand peel it ALL OFF. It was quite a job! On all the other pix if you will notice there is primer on the molding, that's OK because I plan to paint the moldings and all the doors.

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