Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flea Market and Antique Store Shopping

Remember you can click on the pix to enlarge them!

As promised I am posting some pix. I am going to post several so I may have to do 2-3 posts since my daughter is expecting a phone call in a few minutes and I will have to get off the computer so he can talk to her. ;)

This is pix of some linens that was just thrown in one of the little booths. I thought about Cindy over at Romantic Homes when I saw all these linens since she loves them so!

The next pix are of this persons booth.

I dearly LOVE how they have their booth fixed!

OK maybe I have a little more time before he calls. lol I'll load a couple more pix.... the next ones are of a little secretary I liked and a curio cabinet that is NOTHING BUT FINE! They wanted 1,200.00 for it! OUCH! Mines like it but much smaller and not quite as much wood. BUT I love mine to!

And now for my purchase is my 20.00 purchase. This is a VERY NICE stainless steel pot!!!

I dearly loved all these colonial people lamps! They were going for 100.00 ea.

Then the greenish bedroom suit and the armoire and dresser. OUCH they wanted 5,999.00 for this set. The dresser has marble on top of it. This thing would be MEGA MEGA FINE painted country white wouldn't it? :)

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21stCB said...

Love the pics, love the pots, HATE the price on the suite. I love it too! Where did you go this time?