Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wheat Belly Book

Well I had to come back on here and tell you, this book has been a lifesaver for me! I am NOT getting any money by saying this either. This is just me trying to help someone else that is in pain or that has other problems with their health. You can go read on the Facebook wall and see it all for yourself and I for one KNOW they are telling the truth and aren’t being paid to say all this because after 3 days of being wheat free my joints weren’t killing me anymore. I cannot explain how my body feels but it’s totally amazing to me and I just still cannot get over the fact that just by reading this book and doing what he says that I feel this much better. I have lost 22 pounds so far in about 6 weeks time. I started feeling better in just 3 days like I said, so it wasn’t losing the weight that made me feel better. I have 65 more pounds left to lose. I have also lost 2-1/2 inch. in my waist as well. Still got lots more to go though since basically most all of my weight is in my stomach.

I am so excited about this until you just would not believe! My mood is so much better and I just feel sooooo good. I am not discouraged because I can’t eat these things he wrote out in his book. I don’t feel like I am being deprived of anything either. I am not feeling sorry for myself which is soooooooooooo nice because that puts you in a mood in itself!

The reason I wanted to come back on here is to help others not to have to suffer in pain. Doing this helps all sorts of things we have trouble with now a days.

You can go HERE by clicking on here to see his blog. He’s a cardiologist and he’s helping loads of people get healthy again and I am one of them. I thank God this book came in my life by way of my Dr. She asked me if I liked to read and I said yes and she wanted me to read this book.

I posted something on Wheat Belly’s wall that I wanted to copy and paste here so you could read it.

You know it's just so amazing to me how more controlled I am in my eating now since WB. That is so fascinating to me because I used to be an emotional eater and also craved the sweets like a crack head to drugs. It was SO BAD! :-( But I am so amazed at the self control I have now. It's like I am somebody else. I can really see myself getting this weight off me this time. I really can! I'm even willing to give up corn. rice and those other things and not feeling deprived at all this time. That's one reason I didn't diet (not that this is a diet for me) because I always felt like I was missing out on good foods and I'd feel sorry for myself and get all down in the dumps. My attitude is good, my mood and everything. I just wish I could get 25 more pounds off my stomach area faster than what I am doing. My rib cage on BOTH sides are always sore and have been like that for years now because I have TOO MUCH in this area and it's making it sore. IF you just cut my stomach off I wouldn't be over weight. lol I always said it HAS to be a lifestyle and not a diet because once you quit weight watchers or whatever, the weight goes back on in just no time and then some more weight to boot. :-( We have to learn how and what to eat and it be a lifestyle and not a diet. Anyway am enjoying this journey not feeling deprived and hungry all the time! I thank you SO MUCH Dr. Davis for all the effort you put into this book because it has really meant a lot to my husband and I. I can't thank you enough and I mean that!!!!
We even bought us a convection oven yesterday while in town. I was telling hubby when the heat wave of the summer hits I don't like turning on the oven at all because it heats up the house soooo bad. So we found something we can bake our foods in and I could even sit the thing outside on the carport and not even have to heat the house up with it. lol

I just can’t sing his praises enough about this book and I know I keep saying basically that but I am just so excited God led this to me. I actually was praying for the knowledge to help myself feel better. I have been sick since June of last year. I am NOT a sitter and I am doer and this has been the most hardest thing I have ever done in my life except for when I was down in my back for 3 months in the bed. I have gotten depressed and felt sorry for myself because I didn’t have the energy to do anything. I would get up and wash a load of clothes and sit back down because I was so exhausted.  Every day no matter what time I would get out of bed I would have to take a nap. Dr is treating me now  and my progesterone is finally coming up. It was 0.15 and my DHEA is coming up and my diabetes is getting better and my thyroids are getting better as well. Adrenal fatigue is better. My memory is better and Lord thank you that the sweet cravings is also better. Dr. wanted me to start taking chromium for the cravings but since Wheat Belly I’m not craving that anymore. I am constantly thanking God for this man and this book!

My husband has lost 24 pounds and about 3” in his waist as well. He is on board with me because both of us need to lose this weight. And did I say my joints are feeling soooo much better? Winking smile



Hang in there with me because I am almost sure you will hear more about this in the future.