Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Un-Decorating LOL

Well I am in the process today of taking down the Christmas decorations. Hubby is ready to have his recliner put back into place so he wont have to sit in the other chair. I offered for him to put the recliner in the place of the chair and he said no it was OK. lol Anyway so I am now trying to get all the things put back where they belong and IN SOME ORDER since I just cleaned out that attic and organized my things! Man it feels sooooooo nice to!
I'm like Bonita over at Streams of Living Water, it does feel nice and I am looking forward to 2009 with more de-cluttering and cleaning out things I don't need nor use and making someone else's day with taking my stuff to the Thrift stores. lol
Look out 2009! ;)

Monday, December 29, 2008


I just had to share this with you all as well. This is the Bellingrath Gardens gift shop! Oh my goodness that white teapot and tea set with the pink roses on it, oh my goodness I wanted that thing but was afraid to check the price! LOL And since the hubby had already spent bunches on me for Christmas there was NO WAY I could ask for THAT TOO! lol BUT isn't this thing FINE?????

These Christmas trees are some they had up in the gift shop.

Part Two of Under The Sea

Click to enlarge pix.....

Thought I would post more of the under the sea one! LOL That was my favorite and my bestest friend (Tammy) in the whole wide worlds favorite to. I saw her today and we swapped our Christmas presents. She got me lots of tea things that I just dearly love to add to my collection!! :) I LOVVVVVVE tea stuff as you all know...... opps sorry I'm getting side tracked here. ;)

OK back to under the sea...........

Tomorrow I will try and post the pix of what I would call Candyland! LOL And then later IF I don't forget, I have some boo boos but think they're pretty cool looking so I wanted to share those as well. lol

More Christmas Lights- Part 3

Remember you can click on the pix to enlarge them so you can see them MUCH BETTER.

I am TRYING to learn how to size them larger but for some reason it's not working for me. Rhoda over at Southern Hosp. gave us directions for it but mines not working for some reason. :)

Here are some more of the Bellingrath Garden lights. I forgot to say these pix were taken with my new Christmas present my hubby got for me. It's a Olympus Stylus 1010 digital camera. As you can tell I've already been enjoying it. It's sooooo very easy to use! THANK THE LORD!!!!! These days I can't remember how to do things I've been doing for mega years on my sewing machine let alone learning something new! :(
The sixth pic is of trees that are laying over really close to the ground and they wrapped them with green lights. SO COOL looking in person! If you ever get the opportunity to go see the lights at Christmas time, by all mean go!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Under the Sea- Part 2

NOTE: Be Sure to click on the pix to make them larger so you can REALLY see them!

Under the Sea Christmas decorations at Bellingrath Gardens. I will be posting just a few of the pix I took down there last night over the next few days. Although THIS one WAS MY FAVORITE! :) I will have to do another post on this one because it was so awesome I went nutz taking pix! LOL They had octopus, starfish, stingrays, crabs, and all kinds of other sea critters. Just too kewl! Like I said, this part was my favorite! They had the lights strung up over your head so it was like you were under the water. Then the sea critters were all along the sides. Notice the flagstone path how it glistens from all the lights.

Bellingrath Gardens Pix

click to enlarge pix....

As I said, here are the pix of where we went and took pix. I will do just a few at a time because I have over 100 pix. lol They have a few new things since we went last and I will have to share my all time favorite one tomorrow with you. They didn't hand out the info paper tonight because there were herds and herds of people there and maybe they had ran out before we got there or they just don't do that anymore. ??? Anyway We loved it and are just in awe at all the lights and time they put into this!!! It's just awesome awesome! I was crying as I was walking through it because it's just so moving to know folks do this for others enjoyment.
More to come later. Come back and visit me tomorrow and maybe I can post some more of them.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Look At That Face

Hubby got me a new digital camera for Christmas. My old one is like 8 or 9 years old and thick so that I couldn't carry it with me in my purse. I have really enjoyed that camera but really needed a smaller one so I could carry it around with me. We saw the prettiest sunset a few weeks back that we have ever seen and I had NO CAMERA with me. :( Anyway now I have a thin small one so I can carry it with me in my purse. You know us ladies have to have our cameras! ;)

Anyway I was playing around with it tonight learning how it operates and got these pix of Buddy. ;) As you can see he's all played out and about to fall asleep on my leg! I think he has bonded to me. lol

There were some of these that I didn't use the flash on.

We're heading somewhere soon and I will take lots of pix for you that I think you all will enjoy. Come back to see me soon and you will see them.

Edited to add: yes I'm in shorts! :) It was 87 degrees here today! Can you believe that? We had to keep the car running with the AC on for Buddy while we had lunch. We were shopping.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

Wanted to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I hope you all have loads to eat and loads of presents and loads of peace and contentment!
Merry Merry Christmas!!!! I hope it's your best one yet!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I just had something to happen to me that I just had to share with you all. This past week I found a really nice metal walk through gate at my favorite junk store. There was one part to it (an extension to the gate) that was still in it's plastic. The other extension wasn't in any plastic. There were 3 pieces to the gate but no tension bolts were with it to hold it in the doorway. I thought I could put it up but couldn't because it didn't have the tension bolts to put it up with. I got a good deal on it and really needed one for the puppy to keep him in the kitchen with me when I couldn't be in the living room which has the carpet. Anyway so I found the name brand stamped on it and got on here and found a website and their email. So I emailed them to ask how much the tensions would be and also asked about shipping as well. A guy from there emailed me back saying he would send me a complimentary hardware kit if I would send him my address. I just could not believe how nice! I told him that was SO SWEET of him to do that for me!!! And also thanked him as well. The fence is by Summer and is all metal. A VERY NICE fence! I am tickled pink to have found it because it's going to come in soooo handy for this puppy to keep him in the kitchen with me when I am working in there. That was such a blessing and just had to share how thoughtful he was for doing this!

LOL I was SO EXCITED about this email that I completely forgot to tell you all THAT I AM FINISHED PEELING PAINT!!!! Hubby is in there now sanding the rest of it so I can get the first coat of primer on it maybe tomorrow. :) I've got to paint the ceiling as well but figured I could get the first coat of primer on the wall in case I need to do two coats on it. Then I can do the ceiling after I get the first coat of primer on the walls. There are two walls that are really messed up on the sheet rock and I am just hoping the primer will cover it all up. The sheet rock peeled off with some of the paint on some of it. Hubby did a very good job sanding it all though and it's pretty smooth now so I think it's going to be OK. I just went back and vacuumed it all up again and now I have a humidifier in there to help settle all that dust before we get in there to go to bed.

Edited to add: We are done with the sanding and the peeling now. On with the primer and the paint! lol What a mess we had! BUT it IS getting better!

Buddy is also doing better with staying in his box more so we can get some things done as you can tell by my post. I still thinks he should be the center of our attention but he's got to learn there are things that has to be done and then there are times we can play. He sure is a precious puppy that's for sure, but he can get on your last nerve to! lol

Peeling More Paint

Today my plans are to get the rest of the paint peeled off that wall! I sure hope I can anyway! Buddy is in his plastic tub sleeping. lol He thinks when he's put into it he's suppose to sleep. He will whine for just a few minutes and then he goes to sleep. He's got to learn it's not just for sleeping. When we have to do other things he has to stay in there or he potty's on the floor because we're not being able to watch him.
So anyway I'm getting off here so I can get started peeling the rest of the paint off.
Did I say it's cold here? My toes are like ice! From 75-80 last week to burrrr today! lol Taking my vitamins so I wont get sick with all the weather changes.
ok gotta get to peeling paint! ;)
Have an awesome day!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy with Puppy

Sorry I haven't been blogging much here lately but I've been pretty tied up with this puppy. BUT a few things are going to change around here. I am highly thinking about putting him in a pen during the day when it's warm outside so WE can get some things accomplished around here! At least for a few days. EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING is revolving around this dog and I am getting very agitated over it because everything is on hold and things are just piling up and I can't stand it. Do you ever just get so tired and want to sit down and cry because you're just so tired of things being the way they are and you don't know WHAT to do? I probably should take it to God once again as I always have in the past and allow Him to work it out for me. That would be much easier than me fretting over it huh? In the meantime I have written down things that need doing every other day, every 2-3 days etc. because I am so tired of saying, what needs doing. I think we both need a break from the puppy and I really think this idea with putting him in the pen so we can get some things accomplished is just what we need to do. Our bedroom is STILL at a standstill as well! :( Nothing has been done to them since we peeled a little more paint off the walls and sanded. Our bed is sitting out in the middle of the room and has been for awhile now. Only 1/2 the room has been sanded and none has been painted. We're spending so much time with the puppy trying to potty train him and just trying to keep him out of things until there is no time for anything else. He's so spoiled now until he pitches a fit when you put him into his box to try and get something done, We've spent so much time with him now he's spoiled. So I was thinking tonight, we're training him right now and we're not going to be able to live like this from now on, so he's got to learn he can't have our full undivided attention his every waking minute because there are things we both have to do. You get your eyes off him trying to get something done and he uses the bathroom on the floor. UGHHHHHH I guess I am just really tired and have no patience left. I haven't even finished the Christmas decorating. I just gave up and left things as it was. lol I was just too stressed out and just decided it doesn't have to be done.

Do you all ever just get tired like this?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Strange Post

LOL I just HAD to share this with you all. My daughter had told me about this a few months ago and I just LOVED IT! As some of you know, I used to have my own Mallard ducks and I dearly LOVED messing with them! My daughter had given me 5 for Easter a few years back and I raised more than 50 mallards from them. I dearly love playing with them. I had to get rid of them because I was staying sick all winter long because I was out there changing their kiddie pools all winter so they would have fresh water to play in when they were in the pen. I had mine trained to go to the pond each morning and then back to their pen at night to keep something from hurting them. A guy that lives close to us really wanted some so we did some swapping. Anyway I sure would have liked them to have this royal treatment! LOL
You just gotta check this out. Some of you may have heard about this before but this is my first. This is just too kewl and ONE DAY I wanna see this!!!!

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Buddy and the Duh Ta Duh

Click on the pics to enlarge......

I bet you're wondering WHAT a duh ta duh is. lol Well here's the story. When our other little dog, Chip was young we started giving him the cardboard roll out of the paper towels. When we would blow through it like you do and make the noise, he would go crazy and jump at your face trying to get it. One day he jumped at it and rammed the thing back into my face and man I thought there for a minute he had busted my lip.
Anyway it just so happened that our daughter was baby sitting this little boy named Colby that was just a few years old and he called the cardboard center a duh ta duh. So it stuck and that's been it's name ever since. So anyway tonight I was wrapping presents and emptied a roll and just had to give the roll to Buddy. You should have seen him playing with that roll. He didn't do like Chip to begin with on it but he soon learned he did like the thing. That is once hubby cut it in half so he could manage it. It was wayyyyyy too long. He drug that thing all over the living room and kitchen playing with it. It was so cute. I just had to get some pix of him with his first experience with a duh ta duh. ;)

Christmas Tea

I just had to share this with you! Someone posted it on a forum I visit often and I just loved it! I hope you do to!!

Christmas Wreath

Click pic to enlarge.....

As promised, here is my wreath on the back door screen that I put together. I found the wreath at my favorite junk store for .25 or .50 and took the berries and the mistletoe off it and just added the bow and the red balls. I thought it would make a pretty base wreath when I got all that other stuff off it. I really liked all the greens on it and the different textures. I want to do my mantel with some fresh greens this year with some cedar and some magnolia leaves with maybe a pine cone or two thrown in the mix.

I hope all of you are about done with your Christmas decorating as well as you shopping, and then wrapping all those presents. ;)

I've got a few I've got to wrap yet myself.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Well Buddy is doing very well. He had his first Dr's visit today for a good check-up and he did soooooooo good with his shots. He didn't whimper or jump. He's already spoiled rotten to. He's keeping hubby and I really busy. One of us has to keep a hawk eye on him all the time or he's into something or having to go potty. He already knows what no no means. lol He's heard it enough!!!! ;) He is so funny and keeps us laughing. I made him mega mad the other day with me lightly slapping the sides of his face, playing with him of course. But do you know he would come back for more every time!! I was in the kitchen tonight trying to bake some pecan pies so I blocked the doorway so he would have to stay in there with me and not on the carpet in the living room where I couldn't see him. ewwwww he DID NOT like being shut out of the living room! lol

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas At Our House

Click to enlarge pix for better viewing.......

Ok I FINALLY got a chance to get started decorating for Christmas! My hubby even joined in this year since the daughter was off courting. She did manage to come in right after 10 p.m. and help us though. We were just starting to put the ornaments on it. It was VERY NICE with everyone helping decorate it this year. That's VERY RARE around here! lol I noticed after I took the pix and put them on here that one of my streamers on the trees bow needed to be moved over. It was over the other one. :) So that's fixed now.

First off I have to show you a pic of this puppy of ours! lol He's mega spoiled already and I do think he really loves me! ;) Anytime I am in the floor, I am fair game for him to come attack. I was in the floor trying to get pix of things under the tree and here he comes. I see him coming so I am at his level so I think, good photo moment here. So I TRY to get a pic and he's wayyyyyyy too close. So I back him up with my hand and hold him in place to get a close up shot. It turned out rather cute if I do say so myself. ;) I had to lighten it up so you could see it so that messed it up some. I really NEED to put a red bow around his neck and take a pic!

The little manger scene lamp, my sister brought that to me one year. I thought that was so sweet of her and I LOVE IT! It's soooo cute! You know how I LOVE lamps! Well she DOES TO! LOL So it runs in the family! hee hee I have found out that I also have that problem with tables AND wooden picture frames! LOL When I cleaned out the attic you would NOT BELIEVE HOW MANY I HAD UP THERE! Oh dear! Anyway BACK to the Christmas decorations. ;)
Hubby bought me this cute little carousel many years ago. Since I was decorating with red this year I decided to use it again. A friend gave me the little glass car with Santa filled with all kinds of critters. I thought it was just too cute! lol He knows I like to decorate for Christmas so when I was helping them pack up stuff he brought that thing to me and said here, here's you something else to decorate with. I tried to get a close up so you could see all the stuff in this car! LOL
Our daughter bought me the little gingerbread men at Cracker Barrel this year and a few years back she bought me the little red birds with the little diamond shape above them. I dearly love these because they are like iridescent in color. I dearly LOVE ANYTHING THAT SHINES! ;)

I tried to do close ups so you could see what all was on the tree.
Also I need to explain something because I know I will be asked about them. ;)
The gingerbread men, :( well lets just say they did NOT work out! I put them in the microwave to dry them out some because they were soft. That hardened them some what. THEN when I sprayed the varnish on them, that softened them BACK UP! I had already done the hole for the red satin ribbon I had planned to put in them. But had used fishing line for hanging them up so I could spray the varnish on them. Then I was going to take that off when they dried and add the red satin ribbon. They dried a good 4 days or more and I started trying to get the satin ribbon in and the hole would rip out, they were still TOO SOFT! :(
I've got to decorate our mantel and something in the dining room and then I think I will be done. That is except for the mailbox. I also did a wreath on the backdoor. I forgot to get a pic of that. I will do that tomorrow if I can remember.
I wanted to add some lights to my centerpiece with the sleigh in it but with the puppy he wants to chew on cords right now and I knew it would be too much of a temptation for him, so I didn't add them since they would be kind of low for him to get at.
Hey you can leave me comments if you'd like. I love those. :)
Merry Christmas everyone!!!