Thursday, December 11, 2008

Did I say?

DID I say I was
dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS the other day? WHATTT WAS I thinking? ;) It's slowly melting but man is it cold!!!

Buddy is still having a good day despite the snow and wet AND cold! He doesn't want to stay where we place him to potty though, because it's cold outside. He keeps coming back to us and we keep putting him back so he will potty. He's doing really good. We just have to keep an eagle eye on him AT ALL TIMES! He has kept us chuckling. See some pix and you'll see what I mean. He likes to sleep in DH's lap but when you put him in HIS bed (just until he's potty trained) he doesn't want to stay there and he pokes his head out instead of going to sleep and whines to come back to you. In ONE DAY, can you beleive he's spoiled ALREADY? ;)

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Daffodil Hill said...

This little guy is just TOO CUTE! There's nothing quite like a new puppy, is there! I love your new quilt, too. What a bargain! Sounds like you need it to stay warm in all of that snow. : ]