Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boston Terrier Puppy

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OPPS I think we have a NAME! ;) Buddy! Yep Buddy it is!

Here is our little Boston Terrier puppy! We haven't decided on a name for him yet. ANY ideas? lol

I bought him a Santa suit. ;) He don't seem to like the suit. ;) He even favors Santa in his suit! Look at that fat belly hanging there under him! hee hee He didn't know HOW to walk in it. lol We took pix and then took it off him so we wouldn't stress him out too much. He's already christened the carpet! Then right off the bat he was pulling on the ends of my table cloth that was hanging down on the table. So now the corners are piled up on top of the table! Oh Lord, WHAT WAS I thinking? We didn't have to go through all this puppy stage stuff with Chipper! NO WONDER I was SO CLOSE TO HIM! LOL No serious we'll probably be close to this one to, that is IF he doesn't tear up all my stuff! LOL

I bought him a red collar with a bell on it but it's wayyy too big. I will have to take it up some.

We wore him out so now he is sacked out in his blue plastic box. We bought that so we could potty train him better.

Well he's up now and did good because he's pottyed outside right after he woke up. So he gets a treat for doing good. Oh and man he does really really like these treats! lol as if he NEEDS them! ;) We might need to put him on a diet already. lol

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Daffodil Hill said...

He is PRECIOUS, Rose! You will all be totally smitten in no time. I remember when we got our Baby. Jonathan was determined not to like her because she wasn't a big dog like he wanted. Then she started playing with his shoestrings. From then on, he adored her.

Sorry about the carpet. ; )