Wednesday, December 10, 2008


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Today while we were waiting to get some pecans cracked we decided to run and eat us something since we hadn't eaten and it was like 2 -0:clock, and then go to a place around here we like to shop. After we ate I was looking around in the store we went to, and I noticed a couple quilts on the bottom shelf. So I started checking them to see WHAT size they were because we don't have one for our king size bed and they were out of their package. We play tug of war every night because I am using one that fits a double bed on our king size bed. lol Well I tried and tried to see WHAT size this one was because it didn't have the size on the tag of it. I even tried to find a sheet or comforter with the size on it since this quilt only had inches and not the size. I had asked a couple that worked in there if this would be a quilt or comforter since someone beside me said it might be called a comforter. They told me it was a quilt. Then when I took it to the cash register to pay for it, the lady asked me what size it was and I told her I couldn't find a size on it. But was hoping it would fit my bed because I opened it up to see how wide it was and it looked wide and it filled up the counter there at the cash register. She didn't want to try and figure out what size it was so she only charged me for a twin or full size one which was only 15.00. The queen and king quilts were 25.00 and the comforters were 35.00. SO needless to say I was a happy camper and I have put it on the bed to see if it was big enough and it is!!!!! YES! It really IS beige but looks yellowish on these pix. The flowers are embroidered on it. I was thanking God for yet one more blessing as I was heading out the door with my quilt! :) This thing is nice! It came from J.C. Penney's.
Ignore my wall. I am STILL peeling paint. Hubby is half finished with sanding it down so we can start painting on the primmer and then paint.

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