Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Buddy and the Duh Ta Duh

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I bet you're wondering WHAT a duh ta duh is. lol Well here's the story. When our other little dog, Chip was young we started giving him the cardboard roll out of the paper towels. When we would blow through it like you do and make the noise, he would go crazy and jump at your face trying to get it. One day he jumped at it and rammed the thing back into my face and man I thought there for a minute he had busted my lip.
Anyway it just so happened that our daughter was baby sitting this little boy named Colby that was just a few years old and he called the cardboard center a duh ta duh. So it stuck and that's been it's name ever since. So anyway tonight I was wrapping presents and emptied a roll and just had to give the roll to Buddy. You should have seen him playing with that roll. He didn't do like Chip to begin with on it but he soon learned he did like the thing. That is once hubby cut it in half so he could manage it. It was wayyyyyy too long. He drug that thing all over the living room and kitchen playing with it. It was so cute. I just had to get some pix of him with his first experience with a duh ta duh. ;)


Daffodil Hill said...

How fun! I love this little guy! :)

WhineNRoses said...

It is so great to see you!!!
How have you been! I lost me password on country sampler and just gave up!!
So nice you found me and we can keep in touch!!!

21stCB said...

That is so hilarious -- keeping the tradition going!

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Daff, Jenn and Tammy!
Oh Buddy is so spoiled already. I'm getting to learn a little about his charactor now and he's so much fun. Tests my patience to the hilt though. Oh dear!!! He's doing SOOOOOO GOOD on his potty training though!!!! He's only messed up one time in here but he's tee tee'd 3-4 times but it was because we took our eyes off him. But he's doing sooo well and he's ONLY 8 weeks old as of last Tues.