Monday, December 22, 2008


I just had something to happen to me that I just had to share with you all. This past week I found a really nice metal walk through gate at my favorite junk store. There was one part to it (an extension to the gate) that was still in it's plastic. The other extension wasn't in any plastic. There were 3 pieces to the gate but no tension bolts were with it to hold it in the doorway. I thought I could put it up but couldn't because it didn't have the tension bolts to put it up with. I got a good deal on it and really needed one for the puppy to keep him in the kitchen with me when I couldn't be in the living room which has the carpet. Anyway so I found the name brand stamped on it and got on here and found a website and their email. So I emailed them to ask how much the tensions would be and also asked about shipping as well. A guy from there emailed me back saying he would send me a complimentary hardware kit if I would send him my address. I just could not believe how nice! I told him that was SO SWEET of him to do that for me!!! And also thanked him as well. The fence is by Summer and is all metal. A VERY NICE fence! I am tickled pink to have found it because it's going to come in soooo handy for this puppy to keep him in the kitchen with me when I am working in there. That was such a blessing and just had to share how thoughtful he was for doing this!

LOL I was SO EXCITED about this email that I completely forgot to tell you all THAT I AM FINISHED PEELING PAINT!!!! Hubby is in there now sanding the rest of it so I can get the first coat of primer on it maybe tomorrow. :) I've got to paint the ceiling as well but figured I could get the first coat of primer on the wall in case I need to do two coats on it. Then I can do the ceiling after I get the first coat of primer on the walls. There are two walls that are really messed up on the sheet rock and I am just hoping the primer will cover it all up. The sheet rock peeled off with some of the paint on some of it. Hubby did a very good job sanding it all though and it's pretty smooth now so I think it's going to be OK. I just went back and vacuumed it all up again and now I have a humidifier in there to help settle all that dust before we get in there to go to bed.

Edited to add: We are done with the sanding and the peeling now. On with the primer and the paint! lol What a mess we had! BUT it IS getting better!

Buddy is also doing better with staying in his box more so we can get some things done as you can tell by my post. I still thinks he should be the center of our attention but he's got to learn there are things that has to be done and then there are times we can play. He sure is a precious puppy that's for sure, but he can get on your last nerve to! lol

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