Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Pix

click 2 enlarge to really SEE the snow falling.....

I just had to show you these snow pix my daughter took while out and about in our yard today. You can see the snow falling on loads of the pix and it's just too cool! Litterly! LOL

Oh and ALSO had to share this one of the cats! We have THREE of the critters and this is two of them. I bought this little wicker tower this fall for them at the thrift store for only 5.00. I really need to fix it before they tear it up because it's really neat for them to sleep in like this, which is WHY I bought it. BUT my daughter AND hubby says, you really don't believe two of them are going to get in there at the same time, do you? I really didn't, BUT seeing IS believing! LOL The top one is Snoop, and the second one is Lizzy.

AND yet ONE MORE blooming rose!!!! Can you believe this rose is STILL TRYING TO BLOOM?
You can see the birds were really feeding in the pix.
One day soon I am going to get a pic of that opossum that is eating our cats food every night. He sits there when you go outside and keep eating! But you let DH get close and he leaves the scene. That thing is HUGE from eating all that cat food!

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