Thursday, December 18, 2008

Strange Post

LOL I just HAD to share this with you all. My daughter had told me about this a few months ago and I just LOVED IT! As some of you know, I used to have my own Mallard ducks and I dearly LOVED messing with them! My daughter had given me 5 for Easter a few years back and I raised more than 50 mallards from them. I dearly love playing with them. I had to get rid of them because I was staying sick all winter long because I was out there changing their kiddie pools all winter so they would have fresh water to play in when they were in the pen. I had mine trained to go to the pond each morning and then back to their pen at night to keep something from hurting them. A guy that lives close to us really wanted some so we did some swapping. Anyway I sure would have liked them to have this royal treatment! LOL
You just gotta check this out. Some of you may have heard about this before but this is my first. This is just too kewl and ONE DAY I wanna see this!!!!

Have an awesome day!

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Yes, I have heard about these ducks. How very special they are! It si amazing that the hotel allows this and has made such a big deal of it. Funny! :D I'm sure they draw in even more tourists!

Have a great Christmas!