Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy with Puppy

Sorry I haven't been blogging much here lately but I've been pretty tied up with this puppy. BUT a few things are going to change around here. I am highly thinking about putting him in a pen during the day when it's warm outside so WE can get some things accomplished around here! At least for a few days. EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING is revolving around this dog and I am getting very agitated over it because everything is on hold and things are just piling up and I can't stand it. Do you ever just get so tired and want to sit down and cry because you're just so tired of things being the way they are and you don't know WHAT to do? I probably should take it to God once again as I always have in the past and allow Him to work it out for me. That would be much easier than me fretting over it huh? In the meantime I have written down things that need doing every other day, every 2-3 days etc. because I am so tired of saying, what needs doing. I think we both need a break from the puppy and I really think this idea with putting him in the pen so we can get some things accomplished is just what we need to do. Our bedroom is STILL at a standstill as well! :( Nothing has been done to them since we peeled a little more paint off the walls and sanded. Our bed is sitting out in the middle of the room and has been for awhile now. Only 1/2 the room has been sanded and none has been painted. We're spending so much time with the puppy trying to potty train him and just trying to keep him out of things until there is no time for anything else. He's so spoiled now until he pitches a fit when you put him into his box to try and get something done, We've spent so much time with him now he's spoiled. So I was thinking tonight, we're training him right now and we're not going to be able to live like this from now on, so he's got to learn he can't have our full undivided attention his every waking minute because there are things we both have to do. You get your eyes off him trying to get something done and he uses the bathroom on the floor. UGHHHHHH I guess I am just really tired and have no patience left. I haven't even finished the Christmas decorating. I just gave up and left things as it was. lol I was just too stressed out and just decided it doesn't have to be done.

Do you all ever just get tired like this?

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