Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gingerbread Men

Well I have all my little Gingerbread men cookies lying in there awaiting their spray varnish. Hopefully they wont get up and run out the back door! ;)
They have their hole in the top for the string and all I lack is spraying them with the varnish. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow because they're saying it's suppose to be like 70 degrees out there! Dear me, ONLY IN SOUTH MS! A couple days ago it was in the 40's in the daytime and last night it was 29 and now 70 tomorrow? OH DEAR!

The box of Little Debbie Gingerbread Men cookies my daughter bought, NOT ONE of them were broken! BUT the 3 boxes I bought for my tree, they were herds broken in them! :( The last box I opened had 4 broken! Out of three boxes I bought, that has 8 cookies each in them, I wound up with only 15 Gingerbread Men to put on my tree.

I have the tree sitting out on the carport. I took it out there and sit it up this evening to blow it off and shake some of the green sprigs out of it. I had it just lying up there in the attic and it was dusty. I tried to find a box for it last year but never did find one. The little green things that make up the tree falls all over the place and makes a huge mess! SO I figured I could sit it up out there and blow it off and also get some of those loose sprigs out of it to keep all that from being in my carpet.

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