Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Thank you Tammy and Daff for your comments about the Christmas pup. :)

Thought I would post these pix for you all to see. This is a miniature Camella my Aunt gave me after my Uncle passed away. He rooted it and had 3 greenhouses full of plants. When she said miniature I thought it would be a small plant so it's planted near our carport. Well it's NOT a miniature plant! It's miniature flowers and that's all! I'll just have to keep it trimmed up to keep it from engulfing the carport. lol Anyway this time of the year this thing is loaded down with flowers and blooms. I sure hope you can see all the blooms that aren't even opened up yet! You can click on the pix to enlarge them. The ground is always white around the bush at this time of the year and it reminds me of snow. The wind has blown a bunch of the petals away that were on the ground around it. I just love this little bush!!!! ANY flowers at this time of the year are nice aren't they? It just blooms it's little heart out and I don't do anything to it. I have 2 small ones coming up under the bush that I HOPE I can get and transplant!!!!

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