Monday, December 29, 2008

More Christmas Lights- Part 3

Remember you can click on the pix to enlarge them so you can see them MUCH BETTER.

I am TRYING to learn how to size them larger but for some reason it's not working for me. Rhoda over at Southern Hosp. gave us directions for it but mines not working for some reason. :)

Here are some more of the Bellingrath Garden lights. I forgot to say these pix were taken with my new Christmas present my hubby got for me. It's a Olympus Stylus 1010 digital camera. As you can tell I've already been enjoying it. It's sooooo very easy to use! THANK THE LORD!!!!! These days I can't remember how to do things I've been doing for mega years on my sewing machine let alone learning something new! :(
The sixth pic is of trees that are laying over really close to the ground and they wrapped them with green lights. SO COOL looking in person! If you ever get the opportunity to go see the lights at Christmas time, by all mean go!

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