Monday, December 22, 2008

Peeling More Paint

Today my plans are to get the rest of the paint peeled off that wall! I sure hope I can anyway! Buddy is in his plastic tub sleeping. lol He thinks when he's put into it he's suppose to sleep. He will whine for just a few minutes and then he goes to sleep. He's got to learn it's not just for sleeping. When we have to do other things he has to stay in there or he potty's on the floor because we're not being able to watch him.
So anyway I'm getting off here so I can get started peeling the rest of the paint off.
Did I say it's cold here? My toes are like ice! From 75-80 last week to burrrr today! lol Taking my vitamins so I wont get sick with all the weather changes.
ok gotta get to peeling paint! ;)
Have an awesome day!

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