Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Decorating And Cleaning Attic

Well I am STILL at it cleaning out this attic. I just quit a few minutes ago at 2:45 a.m. I am ALMOST finished with it! We have worked for 3 days in it. I have done some organizing up there and it looks really nice and I have loads of space now and know WHERE all of my Christmas decorations are! When I get done, they will all be in ONE area up there and not all over the place. I went through them all and cleaned out and got all that organized as well. Sure glad I did to because there was a little mouse trying to make herself a bed up in my decorations! I had to clean all that up and toss a few things she had damaged which was OK. Just glad it was THAT box and not some of the others! SO I put all of my stockings, tree skirts and things in one plastic tub with a lid so they can't get at it now. Then I put all my rolls of ribbon in ONE BOX.

I am getting close now to where I can start my Christmas decorating! I bought my little gingerbread men cookies tonight and also the clear spray varnish to spray on them. BUT it seems I may have a small problem! :( They have ICING on them! IF I put them in the oven, that icing's going to melt! A friend said to try the microwave. Going to try that and see how it works on just one of them. She said since the microwave cooks from the inside out, it shouldn't melt the icing if I don't do it too long. I also found some peppermint candy canes. Man it sure is a good thing I don't have kids cuz they'd be raiding my tree. lol

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Why will you bake the gingerbread men again? Can you give the details of that, please? I'm interested! LOL!
Glad you got so much done! Have a great week!