Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Decorating

My dear daughter bought me something last night at Cracker Barrel that I dearly love! They are just darling and she said they were 40% off. I had told her I was going to put gingerbread men on the tree this year so she bought me these. Aren't they the cutest things you ever seen?

I bought the little ribbon candy ornaments for the tree at Fred's the other day.

Now I also wanted to show you all something else. I wanted to show you what my homemade cranberry sauce looked like in the little glass dish I found on Wed. for .55 at the thrift store. I just LOVE this little dish! I LOVE cut glass dishes like this! LOL Also I had taken a pic of one of my homemade pecan pies and I'll post that one on here as well since I didn't put it with the Thanksgiving pix. I hope I don't make you all too hungry. :)

Edited to say: You just GOTTA go over there to Bonita's blog and see what she's doing! It's just an awesome idea and she's SUCH A GOOD WRITER TO BOOT!
Like I said in an earlier post, I am cleaning out my attic and donating the stuff to a place that is helping women with addictions. It's a Christ Centered place and they are doing some great work for God. They sell the items you donate and that helps their mission. I love to be around the ladies in the center because they are so cheerful and they're always listening to gospel music or preaching sermons on the TV. They are always excited to see me pull in. And believe me, I had some stuff up there in that attic. LOL Or should I say WE, not just me. ;) Still do in fact but it's looking much better now and I'm also feeling much better and MUCH lighter! Anyway I have fought with myself and fought with myself about donating some of the items because I really really liked some of it. But I told myself, self, you don't use those things, and it's wrong to keep them when someone else can use it. It's not right for me to hoard the stuff in my attic "just in case" I might use it "one day". I had some very pretty large baskets and just kept thinking, man I like those, man I hate to get rid of those. But then thought, I don't have space for all this stuff and someone needs them and can use them! THEN to top off ALL THAT, I have been collecting little prom dresses, wedding dress and stuff like that for a little dress up tea party I wanted to have "one day" for some little girls. I've been getting the dress up dresses for about 3 years now and all of them were about 1.00 each. I had thought, well I'll keep those and take them to the tea room and see if she wants to buy those from me just to get some of my money back from them. I had probably 10-14 of them. Well when I got the Murano loaded I went back inside yesterday just to make sure there wasn't anything else I needed to load. There was that pile of dresses on the chair. I just grabbed them and took them with the load. When I got there they helped me unload everything. There were some shoppers in there with a little girl about 10-12 years old. Her grandma I believe it was, was with her, got the little black velvet dress with the green wrap on the shoulder, and let the little girl put it on. She walks all over the store in that little dress and was having a ball in it. It made my day that I went on and took the dresses after I saw what a fit she was having over that one. WHAT A BLESSING it was to see her so excited over it and that was payment enough for me right there. She didn't want to take it off when she was told to take it off. ;) She told her that was for her to wear for Christmas so she finally took it off. I thought about it after I pulled away from there yesterday, I thought, now if I'd took them to the tea room I'd missed that blessing! YES it's MUCH more a blessing to give than to receive! God is SO GOOD!
What have you got that you can give? Are you hoarding anything you could give?

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

That is so true about giving! Good for you!

Love your photos too!