Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Poochie Clothes

click to enlarge pix.

My sister has this little teacup chihuahua that thinks she is a human. The thing is spoiled rotten! She has spoiled her to the bone! lol Anyway my sister has moved to MO. and as you know it's colder there than it is here. She says Tink doesn't want to go out and pottie because it's so cold. So my little niece tells me in an email that I need to make her some clothes. lol So I have made her two quilted jackets as well as 3 sets of boots to match those jackets. Then I made her this little dress last night. The little dress is made of flannel. I also made her a set of boots to match the dress. I just had to show you all the little pink dress and boots. lol

The other green ones are the quilted ones I made. They are just cut out on the pic though. Not made yet. lol
NOW I wanna see pix of Tink in her clothes her Auntie Rose made for her! ;)

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