Monday, November 3, 2008


I wanted to show you all the little skirt I fixed for my niece. This was a little spaghetti strap dress I found for .50 and saw a long skirt in it for my niece, so I bought it. I also made her a little elastic waist slip to wear with it because I figured she wouldn't have a slip that long. She is only 10 years old so it should go to her ankles. I have the top part that I want to make her a little thing to wear in her hair to match it. Either a bow or a ponytail holder with elastic in it.

The little flowers are embroidered into the cloth. I thought it was sooo cute and just had to make her a little skirt with it! I left it with her Grandma this evening because she was in school. So she called this evening thanking me and said she loved it and was going to wear it to church. She's so precious and so appreciative for her age.

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