Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

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Wanted to share some of my tea cups and things with you all. I was just over at Brenda's blog looking and noticed AFTER I made a comment on it that she and I have another thing in common as well. TEA CUPS! ;) So that gave me the idea of sharing some of what I have with you all. I LOVVVVVE collecting tea things!
Ignore my curtain rod that isn't painted to match the others yet! ONE of the days I will get that painted!

My husband and I made the little wall shelf all the way around our dining room to store all my tea cups and teapots.

Also right now I am trying to decide just how I want to decorate the table for Thanksgiving. Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality introduced us to a neat guy that got me to thinking about my Thanksgiving table and decorating it. I LOVE the wooden candle sticks he chose on one of his posts so I am going to look for me some wooden candle sticks to use beside the centerpiece. Also got to decide which set of dishes I am going to use or which ones will match all of this. By the way, my friend Tammy gave me this tablecloth many years ago in some stuff she gave me. Then I found these pieces of cloth in a plastic zipped up thing for 1.00 at my favorite bargain store a few years ago. I made a couple table runners out of some of it and plan on making napkins from the piece lying across the edge of the table. MAYBE I can get that done before Thanksgiving! ;) I still need to iron the tablecloth as well. Just playing and trying to decide how I want it right now. I'm trying to decide who to invite for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone we know usually goes to their families and since I don't have family here, I usually just have ours here unless we go to my Aunts.

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