Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sea Shells and Gulf Shores LOVE the Place!!!!

I am so jealous! ;) Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality just got back from Gulf Shores! Check out her pretty pix AND all the neat shells!

I've been a little under the weather since we got back from Gulf Shores so if I could go again I probably wouldn't need to right now anyway! lol I walked sooooo much on that beach until I think I have my back inflamed. I have that ruptured disk in it and walking on the sand with it giving under my feet didn't make it feel very good. Although I did have loads of fun looking for those shells. At one point I just flopped down on the sandy beach right in the waters edge with the camcorder and filmed my feet with the waves splashing up over them and the sounds of the water splashing! Man I could have went to sleep right there. lol I REALLY NEED to find me a best buddy that lives down there on the beach so I can go visit there more. hee heee what's soooo funny is, my dear daughter had to litterly BEG me to go when we went a couple years back for the first time because I don't do sand in my shoes OR in my bed! BUT I DEARLY LOVE THAT PLACE! I'd HAVE to have me a hammock on the beach to lay on if I lived down there if I had to put a lock on it to keep someone from stealing it. ;) Anyway now I just can't get enough of being there. I WAS NOT ready to come home this time but knew we had to. OK I will hush now about the beach but did I say HOW MUCH I LOVE IT THERE at this time of the year???? ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

So anyway I am trying to let the old back take a break and get better so I can hit that beachy bedroom re-do. It's been at a stand still now for a few weeks with the back not feeling well. I'm PAST ready to get er done! ;)

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Bless your heart! I have back problems too and seriously injured mine last December. I haven't been the same since and have to take my time doing things.
Take care of yourself!