Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Projects

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Thank you Carolyn! I know my sis will appreciate you also wishing her a happy birthday! :)
Well our friends are almost out of their home. They still have a few things left in there, but not much. We went over this evening to do a spot in the carpet for them. The glass top coffee table she had, got some rust on the carpet. The stand part of the table is metal and it has been there for awhile and it got rust on it. So I took my carpet shampooer and got most of it out and also shampooed the hall for them as well. It was the high traffic area.

Anyway he had given me a few things the other day but I haven't taken pix of them yet until now. Plus he gave me a metal coffee table and end table to match for outside. That is them in the pix above. He also gave me a metal picnic table that has to be welded and then painted. He even gave me the paint to paint it with. LOL He is trying to get rid of loads of stuff so they wont have more to have to store in storage as well as take with them to New Mexico. He gave me this cute little Christmas car I have on our insert to the fireplace for right now. I haven't started decorating for Christmas yet but I figured it could stay there to keep it from getting broken.

He also gave me an old old rocker. He said it used to be his Unlce George's. It needs some rockers on it as well as a good scrubbing and a paint job. It's been in the rafters of his barn. Don't know if it's worth all that or not. We'll see. lol I will have to get a pic of it in the day time so you can see it better. It has a wicker back on it right now but that will defiently have to go since it's rotten almost. I have another little rocker on the patio that used to be my husbands Aunts. She gave it to me before she passed away and I dearly love that little rocker. It also needs a rocker on it. I have no clue who can cut those for me but I will be asking around.

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