Friday, November 28, 2008

House Cleaning

Or should I say, attic cleaning. ;) I've been up in the attic trying to clean the poor thing out before I decorate for Christmas this year. It was so bad I didn't have any room to walk around up there. And before that starts sounding wayyyy too bad on me, the only part of the floor up there that is floored is one little spot that is about the size of a really small bedroom like a 8'x10' one. Stuff is stacked on top of stuff like you would not believe. You could not find anything. My DD had a storage room until this spring when she decided she didn't need to keep it anymore so what she really wanted to keep got put in the attic along with the stuff that I also had in her storage. lol So it was pretty bad. Then when summer hit, no wayyyyy you'd get in the attic to organize and toss out when it's soooo hot. So I worked at it for a few hours today and hauled a huge load to the thrift store this evening so I didn't have to look at it all weekend.
So in the morning hopefully my DD is going to help me as well so we should really make a dent in it if the sun doesn't come out and make it really really hot up there. It was pretty hot today but I managed to handle it for awhile. Had the box fan in the opening of the ladder for the attic so it would send me up some cool air from the house. lol
THEN when I get it all cleaned out and organized I am going to get my Christmas stuff out and decorate for Christmas maybe next week sometime. I've got to get me some of the little cookie gingerbread men for my tree and get to working on those so they will be ready when I start decorating the tree.

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