Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cleaning Out

Brenda over at had such a nice looking pantry she motivated me to clean out my cabinets. LOL That's been a chore this evening and I'm STILL not finished with them! Hers was soooooo organized I thought, OH MY GOSH if she could just SEE MINE! Later after I got off here I went in the kitchen to clean out the dishwasher and put the dishes up. I opened the cabinet door and something fell out on me and I said, OK THAT'S IT! Time to clean and organize and get rid of some stuff! The back of my Murano is full. lol You should SEE all the glass candle holders I have! No need in anyone having THIS MANY! I had stuff in the cabinets I have never even used and stuff I rarely use, so out it went. I feel SO MUCH better already AND I have some space!!!! Only thing my DH has retired and he helps me out in the kitchen a bunch now which I am VERY THANKFUL for, but he just tosses stuff in the cabinets and after I've got them cleaned and organized I'm afraid I'll have to keep fixing it back when he helps me. ;) I am a perfectionist anyway and am really trying hard to work on that and just BE STILL sometimes. He has taught me the hard way to BE STILL and KNOW that He is God! :) Because I am a do-er big time. But since I ruptured the disk in my back several years ago I have to chill out on my doing or it starts getting inflamed on me. So He keeps me reminded on the chill out part when the old leg starts feeling like a 2x4 I like to say. When I over do the left leg gets really stiff and the toes on that same foot starts being a little numb. That's telling me, BE STILL ROSE! :) Chill out!

Ok I went back and found the exact same post Brenda made on her blog so I could share it with you. Is she organized or what? I would dearly LOVE to have a space like she has with all the plastic containers in it! WOW.........Good looking cabinets! Way to go Brenda!! Looks awesome! Hopefully I can finish mine tomorrow or at least work a little more on them anyway. See Brendas nicely done cabinets below.

NOW what's lurking behind YOUR cabinets? Do have bunches of stuff you could donate to your favorite thrift store? :)

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