Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One More Time, Fall in My Neck of The Woods

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Also wanted to show you what it looks like in my neck of the woods in the fall. Since we are in South MS. this is as good as it gets with the pretty fall leaves. ;) Not quite as pretty as TN. is or someplace else. But still pretty all the same. I got out and walked today and was noticing how pretty the leaves were so I came in and got my camera to show you all....... and went back for another walk. lol

The large rock is in my brother in laws back yard. Isn't that the neatest thing? They have it sitting on an old stump. They call that rock sandstone around here. Don't know if that's what it really is or not. I have several of them myself but not like this one! Theirs is scooped out, mine is flat.

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Pretty photos. We are just now starting to get some fall color here. We are neighbors, since I live in AL.

Have a great day!