Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Fun and Cats

We went to vote today and then wound up going to the library after we had eaten lunch. I always go over and check on the books that are for sale even though I don't plan on checking anything out again. So I go over to check and this is what I found. They are the Country Magazines. The same folks that put out Birds and Blooms also put these out. I've got 5 notebooks full of them. SO this is what hubby and I did this evening when we got home. Notice even the kitten joined in on the fun. ;)
We were out there before it got dark reading the articles in the magazines and looking at all the wonderful pix in it and then it got too dark for us to see. So I go inside and grab us a couple floor lamps. We sit out there until almost 9 p.m. enjoying the nice cool weather. I even came inside and warmed us some boiled peanuts to munch on. We sure did enjoy sitting out there reading these magazines. We laughed our heads off at some of the stuff in them to. Oh and I almost forgot to say, guess what? I got them at a bargain to! All of them along with another small hardback book was 1.50! That's ALL total! :)
So that's how we spent our election day night. Sure was relaxing to.
Oh and speaking of the kitten, it just happened up one day. It's been here ever since. Come to find out it was at hubbys brothers house along with another one someone threw out there. His dog got after it and I guess it didn't like that so it came over here. It was very wild and hubby kept messing with it until he's tamed the thing and got it spoiled rotten as well. He comes a runnin' when the hubby walks out the door. We have two other older cats and they both despise the thing. lol He pesters them to death and they aren't very nice to it. It seems to take it all in stride though because he always goes back for more! lol Silly kitten!!

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