Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Table

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OK I got out some of the green dishes and here is what I have so far. But I think my bread saucer needs to be to the left if I am remembering right rather than in the plate. lol Not used to doing this as you can tell and I can't remember where everything goes. I have several things sitting on the table for ideas. The crystal candle has a candle in it that I THINK might just work with these green dishes. BUT I need it to look Thanksgiving and all green and beige isn't going to give me that look. I have a short piece left of the ribbon I put around that centerpiece and I had thought I might could use some of it on the napkin rings, maybe a bow or something on them? Also that is all I have left of that ribbon. I found it at Michaels the other day for fixing the centerpiece but they only had the ONE roll.
The smaller candle is mint green and it doesn't match at all to the green on the plates. I have two of them I thought I could use but after getting them out and putting them on the table, I don't think they work. lol I haven't put any forks and spoons out yet as you can tell. ;) Just playing around with it right now. I don't know if I need to use the crystal candle holder or the pumpkin and gourd one.
So now what do you think? What do I need to add other than some spoons and forks. lol I'm really not liking it yet but I know I need to add the green color under the plates but what I was wondering if gold would be prettier. BUT then again I want it to look like Thanksgiving.
Oh also..... the green candles wasn't going to stay in the little bowl. I just put it there to keep from sitting it on my tablecloth while I took pics. ;)

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Just my opinion, but why not use some pumpkin or deep gold colored candles instead of the green? Your centerpiece already has those colors, so they would tie in well with it. And then maybe add some napkins in the same color to pull the color down onto the table at each place setting.
Matching greens can be really tricky. Another good reason to use pumpkins & golds is that they are readily available right now and you can probably get them on sale.