Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beachy Bedroom And Thanksgiving

What a combination huh? Beachy bedroom and Thanksgiving. ;)

Well I think I finally got it (decorating the Thanksgiving Table)with the help of Carolyn and the ladies at the Country Sampler Decorating forum. They are just awesome!!!!! They make this decorating appear so easy but it just doesn't come that way for me and it really is aggravating for me. I guess I'm too hard on myself or just too much of a perfectionist. Who knows? All I know is, it's very hard for me and I just can't make it look to suit me. But they are just awesome with the things they do!!!

Carolyn when you said in your comment to me about the gold color for the candles, and then the napkins to, that it would pull the color down onto the table at each place setting, THAT HELPED ME BIG TIME! The light bulb came on! THEN I could see it. That would help pull it all together and make it work with it being beside the plates and the in the center. I GOT IT! YES!!! I also like the idea of the gold rather than the orange because I'd use the gold for other holidays but wouldn't the orange. So hopefully I'll be able to find that. Then I could also use brown as well. I am hoping I can find some brown wooden candles sticks at the thrift store. I see them all the time but haven't bought any. In fact I could make me a couple out of a pedistal I have here if I could get someone to cut it in half for me. ;) Anyway THANK YOU!!!!! It FINALLY clicked with me when you said that!

I will add some gold or brown napkins, but probably goldish. ;) Then I will add goldish and brown/or orange candles or maybe just one of those colors and use the fall arrangement in the center. Then hopefully the wooden candle sticks on each side of the centerpiece. Oh it just hit me, one of them also suggested the same color under the arrangement that I use under the plates. So since I'm not using placemats and using linen napkins instead I'll use one of those. Hopefully I can remember to buy 5 napkins. lol

DH and I have been working on the bedroom today! He told me last night he wanted to get up bright and early this morning and get started on that bedroom! I was like WOW, oh boy!!! He sanded on the other side of the room while I peeled paint. Man you should see what a MESS we had in there! That sanding had white powder all in there. We both had on mask thank goodness because it got all over the place. I had all the doors shut to the room to keep it from getting all out in the house to. Also had the box fan in the window hoping to suck most of it out of the room. It helped because you should have SEEN THAT SCREEN when I took it out of the window. It was covered in that white stuff he sanded off. Our lungs would have looked like that screen had we not used those masks!! He got half the room sanded and I lack only ONE WALL now from having all that paint peeled off. So inch by inch we're getting it.

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