Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moving and Southern Living Christmas Cookbook

Just to let you know that I am still alive and kicking. ;) A friend of ours is moving back to New Mexico and I've been over there helping her wrap and pack her breakables for the past 3 days. They've sold their home over here now and are going back to New Mexico. They had been living over there for awhile and was just renting their house here. But she had retired at her job in N.M. and they came back home thinking they wanted to live here. But have since decided they didn't want to live here. Their son is still in N.M. and didn't want to move back so they wanted to stay over there with him. They love it over there as well. So she and I have been wrapping and packing boxes. I just couldn't go back today because I had to catch up on things around here.

Have you guys seen the Southern Living hard back Christmas cookbook? I saw it awhile ago at B.A.M. (Books-A-Million) and it's awesome! It's such a pretty book. I sure did want it but don't need all those sweets! lol I found a "Brown Sugar Pecan Coffee Cake" recipe in it that looked awesome! It had my mouth watering. lol I also noticed Emily Barnes had another pretty little Christmas Tea Book out. B.A.M. had all their Christmas books on a table toward the back of the store. When you're in BAM check out that Southern Living Christmas cookbook! :)

How many of you have started decorating for Christmas already? I was in Lowe's this evening as well and man I got the Christmas spirit while looking at all their displays! Sure wish I could afford to buy that slim Mountain tree this year. It was under $100.00 but I've GOT TWO trees already! BUT they are mega mega huge trees and I dread putting them up because they are sooo large and I have such a small house with NO ROOM for those big trees! WHY don't they look as huge as they are in Lowe's? In my house they take up the whole living room almost! I don't know the "going colors" this year for decorating but I think I am going to do red balls and white things on mine. I don't go by style on anything else so why should I do that at Christmas time? ;) I really really like the one on the front of the Victorian Homes magazine this month!!!! I love that ribbon candy on a tree and I noticed the dollar store has some of them for only 1.00. SO CUTE! Also BAM has some real ones for eating that would be cute on the tree and they aren't but 1.99 a pack I believe it was. ALSO the Dollar General store was selling little gingerbread men cookies. I think it's Little Debbie brand and I was telling my daughter those would be sooooooo cute on the tree! LOL We could varnish them! ;)

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buckeyesue said...

Hi Rose,

I have seen directions for using the Little Debbie Gingerbread Man Cookies as ornaments. Here is something that I found on the internet:

Get a box of Little Debbie gingerbread men, dry them til rock hard in a food dryer/dehydrator. If you don't have a food dehydrator, lay them on an ungreased cookie sheet and put in the oven set on the lowest heat setting. Check every 15 minutes til desired hardness. Let them cool and decorate as you like. You can use glitter, paint, buttons, beads, anything you like. If you are making ornaments or package decoration out of them, tie a piece of string through a hole made in the gingerbread's head. I made a few of these and placed them in a fancy Christmas dish with some potpourri. Remember if you are going to make ornaments out of these to make a tiny hole near the top of the gingerbread's head before you put them in the dehydrator or oven. I thought these would make nice teacher gifts or secret sister gifts or maybe if you work in an office, then set some in a pretty bowl on your desk for anyone who comes by. Happy Crafting y'all!!