Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making Recipe Binders to Organize the Recipes


I finally got started on my recipe binders. I don’t know much about the cricut yet so it was a little touchy there to begin with trying to figure out just wanted I wanted to do. I have several rolls of each I will use on them. Going to label the tab pages as well to make them look cute.

I have several colors of contact paper I am using to decorate them up with. You can see the rolls in the pic below.



Here’s the ones I have done so far. I really NEED a darker pink to use for my lettering.



Fronts of them.


The sides of them.


I haven’t made the tabs yet for them. I figured I would get a couple made on the outside and then start working on the inside of them.

Here’s a close up of the Breads & Breakfast one. Now I will be able to break down the recipes in it into categories and have less to look through when trying to find a recipe.




Then here’s the Cookies, Cakes, & Pies. I’m still wondering if I need to add another layer on the scrolly thing there. Just not pleased with this one yet.



I think I have like 4 binders all total. So I need to get me some more of them.


Anyway wanted to show you all what I have done on them so far and that I AM working on them as I can. I had like 2 binders that I am reusing for this idea and dumping all the old recipes I used to have in them since they aren’t Wheat Belly friendly recipes.


More to come later…..


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Place of Safety or Sanctuary, God is our Oasis

I’ve had this song on my mind for months now. I have wanted to sit down and write the words down so I could post it on here for someone in need of encouragement.

It just gets me every time I hear it, it’s just so encouraging and I dearly LOVE the reminder! God is our Oasis! I had to look up the word to be able to share the right meaning of it. I know what it means but was hard for me to explain in my own words. Meaning: 1. A shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary. 2. A pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult, troubled, or hectic place or situation. WOW all I can say is WOW. He IS our Oasis! I guess that’s WHY I LOVE the beach as much as I do because it’s sooo peaceful to me and a sanctuary and you can just SEE God ALL IN the peacefulness of it, the sun rises and the sunsets are just something to behold.


God is our Oasis

Sometimes life is like a burning desert. If the days were miles it would be a million wide. and one can get so thirsty for one drop of mercy. but all you find are bones where someone else has died. BUT

God is your oasis…… in dry places, He makes flowers grow……God, is your oasis…… and where His grace is, living waters flow.

You know the sands of disappointment they can sometimes steam the soul, that blazing ball of fire gets hotter by the hour. Oh that dry hot wind that burns us, is like breathing in a furnace……. while the sun cooks up the supper, for the buzzards to devour.

BUT God is your Oasis…. in dry places, He makes flowers grow……God, is your oasis…… and where His grace is, living waters flow.

OH BUT GOD is your Oasis…. in dry places, He makes flowers grow……But God, is your oasis…… and where His grace is, living waters flow.

And where His grace is, living waters flow!!!

If you’ve never heard the song the Hinson’s sing it and I think it’s called Oasis or it might be God is our oasis. Here is the song if you want to hear it.



JUST in case that one doesn’t work, you can click on the song here and listen to it. http://www.myspace.com/thenewhinsons/music/songs/oasis-20884080



Organizing and Recipe Binders

Well yesterday I managed to work some on getting my containers labeled for my items that need to go into them. Since going Wheat Belly, by Dr. Davis, I needed containers to put my different items in and wanted to label them and fix them cute. I didn’t manage to get my stuff in them but at least I got them labeled. I made the labels with my Cricut.


I am going to replace all the terra cotta colored seals on the jars. I can’t find those around here and have only found the white ones so I figured OK I will use those!

I think I might need to move Flaxseed up a little on that bluish colored one. I used a piece of masking tape to get them straight and it was in the way of where flaxseed needed to go.


Recipe Binder

Then today I started on my recipe binders. I am making my own index tabs because the ones you buy are hidden with my plastic sleeves I am using. I like using the plastic sleeves because I can wipe them clean if something is spilled on them. Plus with hubby home all the time now he was baking some when I couldn’t so it sure needs a cover over them.

My daughter brought these from work to me to use as my tabs. I am having to cut them so that they will work, since they are way too long. So I chose where I need to cut them and draw a line so I can cut it straight because sometimes the black part needs to be moved over so it’s not all covered up with the next one. These things are MEGA thick! I want to cover them with something pretty because they are ugly. I thought about using some contact paper that I have on hand that I use in my Cricut.


A close up of the folder tabs. The black area is metal. But like I said I want to cover them in something to make them prettier.



I am trying to figure out just how to break down my notebooks into categories and then use separate tabs for each different cookbook. That way I wont have to dig through 40 recipes in one category to find the recipe I want to make. I really NEED simple these days!

I really need to use smaller binders but for now I will use what I have on hand and then buy them in all white and 2” binders I think will be plenty big enough.

I wanted to do cute ones like the links below. I wanted to post some ideas in case you were interested in getting yours organized to.

Click on the bold words below to check out a few neat ideas.




GET ORGANIZED Some really cute ideas here along WITH the binder for recipes.



I hope you got some ideas here to get your recipes organized if you’re having trouble with yours like I am. I will work on this project a little along until I get it finished. So stay tuned. Smile


Edited to add: Well I decided against the old brown folder tab looking things. I wanted my recipe binders to be cute since they will be out on the cabinet to see. I had planned on covering these tabs with some pretty contact paper but on second thought I don’t think I will like the bulky-ness of that. So I went to Michael’s and bought some of their scrapbooking card stock to make my own sheets and tabs from.  I will also use the card stock to decorate up my binders on the front and side.  I am going to double the card stock on the tab area so it will be more sturdy and then cover just that area with some clear contact paper. I think I might even cut like a half inch strip of the paper and stick it over the area for the holes that will be punched so it will go in the binder. This way that will also be sturdier. Since I got the very last sheets of about 2 of them I don’t think I will have enough to do the front AND the backs of my binders but we shall see. I want each binder to color coordinate with the other binders.  So this is where I am now in my thinking.



Saturday, July 14, 2012

Canning Tomatoes, Making Yogurt, and Not Getting to Organize My Recipes

Well needless to say I didn’t get to work on organizing those cookbooks. I got those zucchini put up and wound up being out of patience AND energy so I KNEW I better not work on them with me feeling like that. They’d be a mess and I would be a wreck with no patience to. So was going to do it today but didn’t feel like it today either. Canned tomatoes and made some soup today. I told hubby how many pints I needed from the shed for canning the tomatoes. Well I needed about 3 more of them really since I had more than what I thought. I did get 9 pints canned though, so that was good.

So I thought, OK what can I do with these left over tomatoes?  Since I like soup, winter, summer whenever, I decided to make soup. I had some canned okra so I used some of that and some deer meat I had already cooked with tomatoes in it so I put that in there and some chicken broth I had in the fridge as well. Put a bunch of seasonings and onions and bell peppers in it to. Man it sure was good. I had some pork skins I’d bought at the dollar store so I used those as my crackers since we’re not eating crackers now and it was so yummy. Don’t know if you like pork skins or not but I do and they just made my soup.

I also got some frozen yogurt made for the ice cream freezer this evening. My ice cream freezer wasn’t in the fridge so I just made it up and stuck it in the fridge so I could make it tomorrow when the ice cream freezer was frozen. I had to take it out the other day because I needed the space in there.

THIS is the recipe I used for my frozen yogurt. Man it’s so good I could just drink the stuff! lol BUT I didn’t. I didn’t have the maple syrup so I used butter flavored and plain mixed together and also used sugar free syrup as well. I had some plain yogurt on hand from the store so I just used that. It needed to be used since I’ve had it a little while now. So I just made up a couple batches of it and used both quarts of the yogurt. Now all I will have to do it put it in the ice cream freezer and let it do it’s job.

Anyway I hope to get started on my cookbook organizing soon.

I hope you are having a good weekend!



Friday, July 13, 2012

Organizing Cookbooks

I’m sure if you cook you are or have been right where I am now with my recipes. I am totally frustrated with them because I can’t find anything! I haven’t been feeling well lately and what energy I do have I waste trying to find a recipe I want to try. Or one I have already tried and I can’t find it. So aggravating to me and I don’t need anymore stress these days due to these adrenal glands!

I am NOT GOOD at all when it comes to organizing. My daughter is VERY GOOD at it and says she is OCD is why she is so good. I think I MISSED something in school where they taught that because my Mom moved us around so much! What ever the reason I am lacking BIG TIME in those skills and stay aggravated when I can’t find something I am looking for. I also wear wayyyyy too many hats and enjoy wayyy too many things so I am very spread around if you know what I mean. I need several of me to do it all.

So I saw a blog the other day that gave me some inspiration and I want to TRY and fix mine like she had hers fixed. She separated her categories into notebooks, Breads and Breakfast was one notebook, Main Dishes was another notebook. In all those each one had different categories. She dolled all the notebooks up and they were just too cute! All of the notebooks were the same in size but all had different colors. I have several notebooks on hand I will use to get mine organized and then I might start hunting some all the same color and size so they will look nice stacked beside each other.

Taking you along with me while I LOOK for ideas and inspiration here! Because SOMETHINGS GOT to give! My notebook I have right now is a good 3-4 inches thick and I have my recipes in plastic protectors which I like so they can be wiped off in case of any splashes when cooking. But I need to break mine down like she did so I can find what I need when I need it and not have to dig! I HATE digging!!






and Setting Up Your Recipe Notebook: Choosing Categories




COOKIE NUT CREATIONS Just too small for all mine but a cute idea!


OK that should get us all going and inspired to get those recipes in some sort of order.

Tomorrow I will be shredding and chopping zucchini trying to get it ready to put in the freezer. Since we have been doing Wheat Belly and we’re not eating wheat/grains we use zucchini for our pasta. I shred zucchini up and that’s our spaghetti or noodles in other words. I also have a recipe where I need the zucchini chopped up in small pieces so I am doing this for those dishes. Also the shredded can be used in “sweet” dishes as well, like breads and muffins. No sugar used though only Stevia mainly and very little in some cases I might use Splenda.

Hopefully after I get the zucchini put up I can work some on the notebooks if I still have any energy left.

Maybe I wont forget to get some pix of my notebooks when I get them done. I want to make them cute and not just plain ole ones. NEED some ideas on how to doll the notebooks up now.