Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making Recipe Binders to Organize the Recipes


I finally got started on my recipe binders. I don’t know much about the cricut yet so it was a little touchy there to begin with trying to figure out just wanted I wanted to do. I have several rolls of each I will use on them. Going to label the tab pages as well to make them look cute.

I have several colors of contact paper I am using to decorate them up with. You can see the rolls in the pic below.



Here’s the ones I have done so far. I really NEED a darker pink to use for my lettering.



Fronts of them.


The sides of them.


I haven’t made the tabs yet for them. I figured I would get a couple made on the outside and then start working on the inside of them.

Here’s a close up of the Breads & Breakfast one. Now I will be able to break down the recipes in it into categories and have less to look through when trying to find a recipe.




Then here’s the Cookies, Cakes, & Pies. I’m still wondering if I need to add another layer on the scrolly thing there. Just not pleased with this one yet.



I think I have like 4 binders all total. So I need to get me some more of them.


Anyway wanted to show you all what I have done on them so far and that I AM working on them as I can. I had like 2 binders that I am reusing for this idea and dumping all the old recipes I used to have in them since they aren’t Wheat Belly friendly recipes.


More to come later…..


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