Friday, July 13, 2012

Organizing Cookbooks

I’m sure if you cook you are or have been right where I am now with my recipes. I am totally frustrated with them because I can’t find anything! I haven’t been feeling well lately and what energy I do have I waste trying to find a recipe I want to try. Or one I have already tried and I can’t find it. So aggravating to me and I don’t need anymore stress these days due to these adrenal glands!

I am NOT GOOD at all when it comes to organizing. My daughter is VERY GOOD at it and says she is OCD is why she is so good. I think I MISSED something in school where they taught that because my Mom moved us around so much! What ever the reason I am lacking BIG TIME in those skills and stay aggravated when I can’t find something I am looking for. I also wear wayyyyy too many hats and enjoy wayyy too many things so I am very spread around if you know what I mean. I need several of me to do it all.

So I saw a blog the other day that gave me some inspiration and I want to TRY and fix mine like she had hers fixed. She separated her categories into notebooks, Breads and Breakfast was one notebook, Main Dishes was another notebook. In all those each one had different categories. She dolled all the notebooks up and they were just too cute! All of the notebooks were the same in size but all had different colors. I have several notebooks on hand I will use to get mine organized and then I might start hunting some all the same color and size so they will look nice stacked beside each other.

Taking you along with me while I LOOK for ideas and inspiration here! Because SOMETHINGS GOT to give! My notebook I have right now is a good 3-4 inches thick and I have my recipes in plastic protectors which I like so they can be wiped off in case of any splashes when cooking. But I need to break mine down like she did so I can find what I need when I need it and not have to dig! I HATE digging!!






and Setting Up Your Recipe Notebook: Choosing Categories




COOKIE NUT CREATIONS Just too small for all mine but a cute idea!


OK that should get us all going and inspired to get those recipes in some sort of order.

Tomorrow I will be shredding and chopping zucchini trying to get it ready to put in the freezer. Since we have been doing Wheat Belly and we’re not eating wheat/grains we use zucchini for our pasta. I shred zucchini up and that’s our spaghetti or noodles in other words. I also have a recipe where I need the zucchini chopped up in small pieces so I am doing this for those dishes. Also the shredded can be used in “sweet” dishes as well, like breads and muffins. No sugar used though only Stevia mainly and very little in some cases I might use Splenda.

Hopefully after I get the zucchini put up I can work some on the notebooks if I still have any energy left.

Maybe I wont forget to get some pix of my notebooks when I get them done. I want to make them cute and not just plain ole ones. NEED some ideas on how to doll the notebooks up now.


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