Thursday, June 21, 2012

One More Project

A friend of mine gave this to me. She had it in her home for a few years and offered it to me and I said yes I want it. I had admired it from the very first time I saw it.

She had painted it Country White and this is both our color. We love this color for furniture. I told her the first time I saw it, that I’d have to have fixed that hole in the door. lol She said no that’s what gives it it’s character. Me, being the melancholy that I am I’ve got to fix it.

I already started messing with it today. I was going to wait until it got cooler and take it outside but I couldn’t wait so I started peeling off the veneer that was chipped on it to give it a smooth surface and then I will put wood putty in the holes, sand it well, prime it and repaint it the same color. We’re going to take the top completely off it so we can glue to top back together since it has separated. We will use wood glue and clamps to squeeze it tight so it will stay for a long long time.

As you can see I already started peeling off the messed up veneer.


Here’s the top of it.


Close up of the detail on it. I’m going to find out where she got the knobs on it and get 2 more so I can put them on the doors so they can be opened. They have like a keyhole in them and you can’t open them since there’s nothing to grab hold of.


Another close up.



I will work on it here and there until fall and then maybe I will have it ready to paint in the fall. I kind of like where it is in the dining room but had planned on putting it on the other wall.


Stay with me and we will get this project done to. Smile




Dezarae' said...

Ohhh i love it too! my husband and I just love furniture like this, we tend to keep it a natural wood color and stain it though :) it is beautiful, cant wait to see the finished result!

Anonymous said...

Wow--you always find the neatest pieces of furniture to makeover!!