Saturday, May 26, 2012

Probiotics and Kefir

Well some how and I don’t remember now I have stumbled across something I have never heard about. That would be KEFIR. After I stumbled across it I started doing some reading and that was like 3-4 weeks ago. The more I read the more I believe this is for me. I have been having so many health issues since last June (2010). I have prayed and asked God for wisdom to know what I needed to do and to give my Dr’s the wisdom they needed to know what is wrong so we will know how to treat the problems. I really believe He has answered my prayers in more than one way.

So I started reading about this kefir and just got more and more excited. So last week I finally decided OK it’s time to order some kefir grains to get me started. I got my grains in the mail about 4 days ago I think it was. They were VERY tiny ones. They were put in a ziplock bag and put into a bubble envelope so they could have just been mashed and mashed and mashed until they were all to pieces. I was told they would grow to keep feeding them so that’s what I am doing. The first batch of kefir took around 30 hours to make. Then I drained off the kefir (which is the liquid that is some times thick) to get the grains out to start another batch with.

They’re so tiny it’s hard to get just grains because I am afraid I will crush them to pieces so I have been trying to get very gentle with my stirring of them in the strainer. Sad smile

So I put my grains in the 2nd batch and it didn’t take nearly as long to get thick. It was thick by 24 hours but I did let them stay a little longer than that. I am going to post some links in case anyone is interested in learning about this. You could also just do a google search for making kefir. They have all sorts of recipes and everything. They make butter, sour cream, yogurt, kefir water, cream cheese and I don’t know what all else with it.

I want to do this for my health and for my families health since it' seems to be soooooooo good for you and helps boost the immune system from what I am reading.

HERE is some info.

AND some more on MAKING YOGURT

MORE INFO on making kefir.

You can also watch YouTube videos of making it.

REALLY GOOD SOURCE Your kefir might be a little high to get you started out BUT it will last forever if it’s done right and tended to.

One lady I email on yahoo groups lives in Alaska and she said she didn’t send out grains that wasn’t as large as jelly beans! WOW how nice!

More talk of kefir making







That should get you going if you’re interested in this subject.

Happy growing your kefir!



Valerie said...

We actually have the same idea when it comes to the benefits of probiotics and kefir is really a good source. And since I sometimes don't have much time to prepare or buy kefir, I depend on the probiotics supplements that my doctor recommended to me 5 months ago. I don't feel any regrets when I'm taking it daily because I really feel that my digestive system is much healthier now.

Susan said...

This is very interesting. I am not familiar with Kefir, but after seeing your post, I did read about it a bit. What are you making with the kefir you made? Just drinking it like milk or using it in stuff? You are going about this a good way to improve your health. I hope you get to feeling back to normal soon!

Susan in Virginia

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Valerie and Susan for your comments!
Susan I make a drink from it. I use a can of coconut milk and 2 qt. kefir and then I add some Stevia to it and I also add a scoop of chocolate whey protein powder to it. Hubby has to add more Truvia to his because it's still a little sour. I always let it sit on the cabinet for another 24 hours after I strain the grains out so it will be lactose free or as much as possible anyway and that makes it be more sour. I am a diabetic so I want to try and get all the sugars I can out of it. Hubby and I just drink some in a cup in the morning and in the evening. They say to start out with like a tbl. full at a time and work up until your body gets used to it because it gives some folks an upset tummy when they first start out using it. Also some folks use it in making their breads and in recipes. But the thing is it kills the good stuff in it when it is cooked. They're just using their excess like this instead of wasting it. I guess they're using it like you would buttermilk in recipes.

Rose1957 said...

Opps forgot to tell you Valerie, that we are also taking some supplements like that. We had already bought them before we started drinking the kefir so basically we are just trying to use those up. Walgreens had them on sale and we stocked up. lol They're all in the fridge since it said they were best in the fridge and fresher to.

Gina said...

We love kefir! I'm sure you will too!