Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wheat Belly Lifestyle, Sewing Room, and Health

Well the last time I posted was almost a month ago and I figured I might better get on here and tell you all I am still around and still doing the Wheat Belly thing. Winking smile

I have lost 25 pounds now and hubby has lost about 40. He is a little more active than I am at this point, so I can see why he’s losing much more.  I can’t remember if I said this in the other post I made or not but I am having some health issues so that’s interfering with me as well. My Dr. said when I went last week that my iron level had been wayyyy too high for the past 3 times she’s had my blood work done and now she’s wondering what’s going on with that. She said if it’s what she thinks it might be I will have to go get blood drawn off ever so often to keep the iron level down. Anyway I am staying soooo tired and drained. I’ll be so glad to get back to feeling like doing something. 

Although I did actually feel like mowing the lawn yesterday and that’s a BIG accomplishment for me these days. Hubby got someone in here back last year in the fall and had the pines cut on our property and the guy was suppose to come back and push up the piles so they could be burnt but he hasn’t came back. I had a walking track and it was covered in limbs and brush after all of this. So after I mowed I started trying to clean up my walking track so I could mow it and keep it up for the summer. So now today and I am basically doing nothing. Hubby got up early this morning and finished cleaning out the walking track and finished mowing it as well. I had gotten it way over half way done before I just ran out of energy yesterday. 

My Dr. also gave me some of Dr. Wilsons adrenal builder supplements to take and yesterday was a week that I have been taking those 3 times a day. I sure hope that get me fixed up because every evening about 2-3 p.m. I feel like someone has drugged me and I can’t hardly stay awake!

Anyway enough about all of that because I know folks don’t want to hear all about my illness.

I haven’t been doing any projects but I am sure itching to start one. I have so many things that need doing and fixing. I need to finish painting my kitchen and take the wall paper off my bathroom walls. I’ve also got some sewing I’d like to do and the sewing room needs finishing up as well.

Oh I do have ONE project I have been trying to work on when I am able. Hubby leveled off the ground area for me and I started laying the stepping stones and the bricks for a small patio out by the pool.  I have an iron table someone gave me that I wanted to use to put our things on by the pool and so I am doing the little patio to sit the table and chairs on.

I’ve been online a lot getting recipes for our new lifestyle. I’ve got a few good ones that are keepers. I bought the Kindle version of Secrets to Controlling your Weight Cravings and Moods. By Maria Emmerich and she has a lot of recipes in there to. I also like Maria as well as Dr. Davis. They have so much knowledge and I have learned so much from them and still learning. I also ordered her other book about Healthy Metabolism but it hasn’t came in yet. I didn’t get that one on the Kindle. Someone has given me a Kindle and she hasn’t sent it to me yet but I bought the Kindle version and downloaded the Kindle App for my computer! How cool is that? Then when I get my Kindle I can put it on it.

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Susan said...

Hi there,

I haven't been by your blog in a while. Stopped in to see what you've been up to. Happy to see you discovered "Wheat Belly" and it's helped you. I am gluten free myself and it's helped me with a lot of things too :)

I hope you get your energy back soon too!