Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter

I just had to share this with you all because it was just soooo cute! I had to run into the grocery to get a gallon of milk and saw these and just had to take some pix of them.

Little Easter Bunny cakes! Now I do KNOW what Easter is all about and it’s NOT bunny rabbits and boiled eggs. I am a little childish when it comes to this sort of stuff and I do enjoy it and don’t think Jesus minds me enjoying things. SmileAren’t these things just darling?


They had several of these little baby bunnies.




And the bunny and bunny babies ones aren’t but 10.00. I think they are just too cute! The little baby bunnies are made from those little snack cakes and that I think are Little Debbie’s.


and another view of them.





Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pretty Landscaping

Who says you can’t find pretty things to photograph at the hospital? This is a pic hanging up in the hallway. I would LOVE for my front yard to look like THIS! Isn’t it pretty? Dogwoods, pines, azaleas and hedge and pine straw paths! We have an area on the other side of our pond that is almost bare that would be soooooooooo pretty done like this!

front yard

Stopping to smell the roses here and there……….

Fountain, crepe myrtles and azaleas.

up high view

I love all these arbors. Look at that view!


Someone did a great job at landscaping the lawns. I love all the curvy beds. Excuse my Coke Cola reflection on the window. I bet by the middle of the summer this grass will be lush and green.

curving flower bedsIgnore the construction work and just look at the view here!Smile

curvy good shot


good shot

Little outside dining area.

outside dining

Little patio.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Face of Eternity

As some of you know my husband went into the hospital for a hip replacement. He is doing awesome by the way.

I went to the nurses station to get some ice last night for him and they had this circulating down there. She ran me off a copy and I just had to share! I also want to give the lady credit that sit and drew this. WOW WOW WOW On the paper is says it was drawn by, Pam Cedotal.

It’s called, “Face of Eternity”. Isn’t it awesome! Man what some detail and some thought! When I first saw it I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I sure hope you can see it. I took a pic of it so I could share.

Face of Eternity

Close up of top of it.close up of top

Close up of right side…..






close right side

Close up of left side……

left side

Beginning with the scene at the lower left which forms Christ’s hair at His right shoulder, the components are as follows:


1. The birth of Jesus. Luke 2: 7-18

2. The flight to Egypt. Matthew 3:13-15

3. The boy Jesus at the temple. Luke2: 41-49

4. Jesus performs His first miracle, turning the water into wine. John 2:1-11

5. Starting at Christ’s left temple, proceeding downward; at Jacob’s well, Jesus asks a Samaritan woman for water. John 4:5-42

6. Temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. Luke 4:1-13

7. Jesus walks on the stormy sea. Matthew 14: 24-33

8. Jesus blesses the little children. Mark 10:13-16

9. Forming the crown of thorns on Christ’s forehead; the Lord’s Supper. Matthew 26: 20-30.(In his quilt, Judas spills his glass of wine which trickles down past his foot symbolizing a drop of blood caused by a  thorn.)

10. Forming Christ’s beard from right to left; Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss. Mark 14:43-46, (Judas clutches the pouch containing the 30 pieces of silver behind him.)

11. The judgment of Jesus; Pontius Pilate washes his hands to signify he is innocent of the blood of a just person. Matthew 27:11-26

12. Forming Christ’s brow and nose; Jesus crucified. Mark 15:22-37 Angels hover near Him on each side of the cross.

13. Beneath the cross, a Roman soldier casts lots for Jesus’ robe. John 19:24. Nearby Mary is overcome with sorrow.

14. On the other side of the soldier, a man prepares to offer Jesus a drink from a vinegar soaked sponge which has been secured to a reed. Mark 15:36

15. Forming Christ’s mouth; the women who have came to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body find the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body find the tomb empty and are told by an angel of the resurrections. Matthew 28:1-8

16. Jesus shows the doubting Thomas His pierced hands restoring Thomas’ belief. John 20:26-29

“….And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen” John 21:25