Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Decorating

My dear daughter bought me something last night at Cracker Barrel that I dearly love! They are just darling and she said they were 40% off. I had told her I was going to put gingerbread men on the tree this year so she bought me these. Aren't they the cutest things you ever seen?

I bought the little ribbon candy ornaments for the tree at Fred's the other day.

Now I also wanted to show you all something else. I wanted to show you what my homemade cranberry sauce looked like in the little glass dish I found on Wed. for .55 at the thrift store. I just LOVE this little dish! I LOVE cut glass dishes like this! LOL Also I had taken a pic of one of my homemade pecan pies and I'll post that one on here as well since I didn't put it with the Thanksgiving pix. I hope I don't make you all too hungry. :)

Edited to say: You just GOTTA go over there to Bonita's blog and see what she's doing! It's just an awesome idea and she's SUCH A GOOD WRITER TO BOOT!
Like I said in an earlier post, I am cleaning out my attic and donating the stuff to a place that is helping women with addictions. It's a Christ Centered place and they are doing some great work for God. They sell the items you donate and that helps their mission. I love to be around the ladies in the center because they are so cheerful and they're always listening to gospel music or preaching sermons on the TV. They are always excited to see me pull in. And believe me, I had some stuff up there in that attic. LOL Or should I say WE, not just me. ;) Still do in fact but it's looking much better now and I'm also feeling much better and MUCH lighter! Anyway I have fought with myself and fought with myself about donating some of the items because I really really liked some of it. But I told myself, self, you don't use those things, and it's wrong to keep them when someone else can use it. It's not right for me to hoard the stuff in my attic "just in case" I might use it "one day". I had some very pretty large baskets and just kept thinking, man I like those, man I hate to get rid of those. But then thought, I don't have space for all this stuff and someone needs them and can use them! THEN to top off ALL THAT, I have been collecting little prom dresses, wedding dress and stuff like that for a little dress up tea party I wanted to have "one day" for some little girls. I've been getting the dress up dresses for about 3 years now and all of them were about 1.00 each. I had thought, well I'll keep those and take them to the tea room and see if she wants to buy those from me just to get some of my money back from them. I had probably 10-14 of them. Well when I got the Murano loaded I went back inside yesterday just to make sure there wasn't anything else I needed to load. There was that pile of dresses on the chair. I just grabbed them and took them with the load. When I got there they helped me unload everything. There were some shoppers in there with a little girl about 10-12 years old. Her grandma I believe it was, was with her, got the little black velvet dress with the green wrap on the shoulder, and let the little girl put it on. She walks all over the store in that little dress and was having a ball in it. It made my day that I went on and took the dresses after I saw what a fit she was having over that one. WHAT A BLESSING it was to see her so excited over it and that was payment enough for me right there. She didn't want to take it off when she was told to take it off. ;) She told her that was for her to wear for Christmas so she finally took it off. I thought about it after I pulled away from there yesterday, I thought, now if I'd took them to the tea room I'd missed that blessing! YES it's MUCH more a blessing to give than to receive! God is SO GOOD!
What have you got that you can give? Are you hoarding anything you could give?

Friday, November 28, 2008

House Cleaning

Or should I say, attic cleaning. ;) I've been up in the attic trying to clean the poor thing out before I decorate for Christmas this year. It was so bad I didn't have any room to walk around up there. And before that starts sounding wayyyy too bad on me, the only part of the floor up there that is floored is one little spot that is about the size of a really small bedroom like a 8'x10' one. Stuff is stacked on top of stuff like you would not believe. You could not find anything. My DD had a storage room until this spring when she decided she didn't need to keep it anymore so what she really wanted to keep got put in the attic along with the stuff that I also had in her storage. lol So it was pretty bad. Then when summer hit, no wayyyyy you'd get in the attic to organize and toss out when it's soooo hot. So I worked at it for a few hours today and hauled a huge load to the thrift store this evening so I didn't have to look at it all weekend.
So in the morning hopefully my DD is going to help me as well so we should really make a dent in it if the sun doesn't come out and make it really really hot up there. It was pretty hot today but I managed to handle it for awhile. Had the box fan in the opening of the ladder for the attic so it would send me up some cool air from the house. lol
THEN when I get it all cleaned out and organized I am going to get my Christmas stuff out and decorate for Christmas maybe next week sometime. I've got to get me some of the little cookie gingerbread men for my tree and get to working on those so they will be ready when I start decorating the tree.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Sue here is the cornucopia pix for you. I am hoping I can find some kind of silk trailing fall looking plant I can put in it. I think that will be pretty and then I can add the pumpkins and gourds at the base of it in the plant. I'll have it for Thanksgiving next year maybe.


Wanted to show you all another bargain I found. It was only .55. The lady was putting things out in the store and there was another buggy close to hers with stuff in it to and this little teapot was in it. I guess they hadn't put it out on the shelf yet and when I saw it I thought oh I just gotta have that. lol You know me and tea stuff! ;) I don't think it's silver because it has a made in China sticker on the bottom. It would be much nicer to me IF it was, BUT that's ok. It will be neat sitting around my kitchen.

Our Thanksgiving Table AND Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Click to enlarge pics... By the way.... the napkins ARE a brownish color AND the candles! For some reason the colors aren't true on here.

OK I finally got my table fixed for Thanksgiving with the help of the ladies at the Country Sampler Forums and Carolyn which is also there but has her own blog. Anyway as I promised you all I would have pix. Here they all are. I had fits today trying to find fall stuff to match. The reason I didn't go with the gold napkins was because it clashed with the gold on the plates. I tried finding a different colored gold but then couldn't find the candles to match that! SO I finally found these napkins and believe it or not I had found the candles at Michael's and then the napkins at Wal-Mart. I got all the pumpkins and fall stuff for 75% off at Big Lots. I never did find the wooden candles sticks I wanted but I WILL find some before NEXT Thanksgiving! ;) OHHHH I also found me a glass cornucopia for 1.55. I am using that on the cabinet.

I fixed up the sideboard to sit our food on so the table wouldn't be soooo crowded out.

OK before I forget this I have JUST GOT to tell you that little clear bowl there on the table came from the thrift store today for only .55! It had a lid with it and the little knob was broken on the lid. When I picked the lid up I felt it broken but when I saw THAT BOWL I JUST LOVED it and just knew right then, THAT was the dish for my homemade cranberry sauce! That will be soooooooo pretty in there!!!

We lite the candles so you could see it with the candles tonight.

Our menu....

Corn Chowder Soup for starters

Fried turkey

Cornbread dressing


Homemade cranberry sauce from Punky and man that stuff IS good Punky! Can't believe I am saying that either! LOL

Green Beans


Sweet Potato Pie

Oh and we have some sparkling white grape for the goblet glasses. And iced tea for the glasses.

So ladies let me know what you think. Have I got it this time? :) I sure hope you like it!!!


Edited to add this pic..... A friend of mine gave me the little pumpkin with the Bible scripture on it. Since it didn't show up well last night I took another pic of it. She doesn't know it's part of my Thanksgiving table. ;) She told me to sit it in my window when she gave it to me, which I did until now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One Last Rose

I was outside yesterday and noticed this VERY TALL, over my head in fact, and I am over 5 foot tall, rose bush branch sticking wayyyy up there away from the other branches. shooooooooooooo talk about a run on sentence. ;) I noticed something on it at the top and I thought that CAN'T be a rose because it has frosted here I know 3 times so far. And one night just 2-3 nights ago it got down to the 20's and stayed there for at least 8 hours. I walked out there and sure enough there WAS A ROSE! I am still in shock. It doesn't have any frost damage to the edges or anything. Just a mystery to me how it doesn't have. But I just had to share it with you. I noticed my friend Tammy's in full bloom the other day when I went by there but hers stay in bloom most of the year after spring. I keep telling myself to ask her can I cut down into her rose bush and get me a piece of it. I love how it blooms and blooms like that!!!!! LOVE IT! Hers blooms their hearts out and she doesn't even do anything to them to make them do that! WHAT A ROSE!!!!! :)
I also wanted to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
I hope you guys are having a wonderful day!
Oh and speaking of, we all can use a GOOD LAUGH every now and then, so I just HAD to share this little email someone just sent to me. ;)
Deer Camp
The guys were all at deer camp. They had to bunk two to a Room. No one wanted to room with Daryl because he snored so Badly.
They decided it wasn't fair to make one of them Stay with him the whole time, so they voted to take turns.
The first guy slept with Daryl and comes to breakfast the Next morning with his hair a mess and his eyes all Bloodshot. They said, 'Man, what happened to you?' He said, 'Daryl snored so loudly, I just sat up and Watched him all night.'
The next night it was a different guy's turn. In the Morning, same thing--hair all standing up, eyes all Blood-shot. They said, 'Man, What happened to you? You Look awful!' He said, 'Man, that Daryl shakes the roof. I sat up and Watched him all night.'
The third night was Frank's turn. Frank was a big burly ex-football player; a man's man. The next morning he Came to breakfast bright eyed ND bushy tailed. 'Good Morning he said. They couldn't believe it! They Said, 'Man, what happened?' He said, 'Well, we got ready for bed. I went and tucked Daryl into bed and kissed him good night. He sat up and Watched me all night '

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Dear Husband

Yep it's his birthday today!
Happy Birthday Robert and I hope you have many many more healthy years to come! :) I am baking him a coconut cake with coconut icing, his favorite! I bought a coconut cake mix and then ALSO added more coconut so he should be a happy camper! lol He is in there snoozing and I sneaked outta bed this morning and preheated the oven and got it to baking. It sure is smelling good to. Maybe I can get it iced before he wakes up and sees what I am doing. ;) I was going to get up at 7 this morning but rolled over to get out of bed and he was awake. Oh well...... so I waited until 8 and then he was asleep. Hee hee sneaky me. ;)
I'll have to try and remember to get a pic so you can see it. Although my cakes have never been something I'd want to take a picture of, but they sure are good. I'm just a plain and simple gal and like to do things just like that. So they're not very pretty to me. Anyway maybe it will be a pretty one this time.

UPDATE: Well I have a very funny story! lol DH smelled something 30 minutes before he got up. He THOUGHT I was making him breakfast as a surprise. We don't eat breakfast much. So he says to himself, I need to stay in the bed and not ruin her surprise. ;) He THOUGHT he smelled pork sausage cooking. hee hee and it was my coconut burning that I was TRYING to toast in the oven. One minute it was fine and the next minute it was BLACK! So I dumped that out and started over and the smell of that wafted over to the other side of the house into our bedroom. When he got up and told me I fell out laughing and got him to come to the kitchen where his surprises awaited him. Our daughter also had one for him there. Hers was the card in the pic along with some money. I'll just have to tell you what the card said. He was tickled pink with both his surprises and has already had a piece of cake along with his coffee and he said YUMMMM THIS IS GOOD!!! Then over into half eating the cake he says, this is excellent. WOW I did good I guess. ;) About now he should be on a real sugar high! lol I used over a half large bag of real coconut in the cake and toasting the bit I toasted for the top.

Ok now for what the card said.
On the front.... Happy Birthday To The Hunter
Just because you're 63,
Don't despair, oh no
Overnight you won't discover
You've lost your get up and go,
Nor will you become all wrinkled,
Nor ache from head to toe,
So even though you're ripening
Don't regard it as a blow,
You won't suddenly look decrepit....
Cause that happened long ago!! :-)
Happy Birthday, Daddy! I Love you, Cindy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beachy Bedroom And Thanksgiving

What a combination huh? Beachy bedroom and Thanksgiving. ;)

Well I think I finally got it (decorating the Thanksgiving Table)with the help of Carolyn and the ladies at the Country Sampler Decorating forum. They are just awesome!!!!! They make this decorating appear so easy but it just doesn't come that way for me and it really is aggravating for me. I guess I'm too hard on myself or just too much of a perfectionist. Who knows? All I know is, it's very hard for me and I just can't make it look to suit me. But they are just awesome with the things they do!!!

Carolyn when you said in your comment to me about the gold color for the candles, and then the napkins to, that it would pull the color down onto the table at each place setting, THAT HELPED ME BIG TIME! The light bulb came on! THEN I could see it. That would help pull it all together and make it work with it being beside the plates and the in the center. I GOT IT! YES!!! I also like the idea of the gold rather than the orange because I'd use the gold for other holidays but wouldn't the orange. So hopefully I'll be able to find that. Then I could also use brown as well. I am hoping I can find some brown wooden candles sticks at the thrift store. I see them all the time but haven't bought any. In fact I could make me a couple out of a pedistal I have here if I could get someone to cut it in half for me. ;) Anyway THANK YOU!!!!! It FINALLY clicked with me when you said that!

I will add some gold or brown napkins, but probably goldish. ;) Then I will add goldish and brown/or orange candles or maybe just one of those colors and use the fall arrangement in the center. Then hopefully the wooden candle sticks on each side of the centerpiece. Oh it just hit me, one of them also suggested the same color under the arrangement that I use under the plates. So since I'm not using placemats and using linen napkins instead I'll use one of those. Hopefully I can remember to buy 5 napkins. lol

DH and I have been working on the bedroom today! He told me last night he wanted to get up bright and early this morning and get started on that bedroom! I was like WOW, oh boy!!! He sanded on the other side of the room while I peeled paint. Man you should see what a MESS we had in there! That sanding had white powder all in there. We both had on mask thank goodness because it got all over the place. I had all the doors shut to the room to keep it from getting all out in the house to. Also had the box fan in the window hoping to suck most of it out of the room. It helped because you should have SEEN THAT SCREEN when I took it out of the window. It was covered in that white stuff he sanded off. Our lungs would have looked like that screen had we not used those masks!! He got half the room sanded and I lack only ONE WALL now from having all that paint peeled off. So inch by inch we're getting it.

Thanksgiving Table

Click to enlarge pix.

OK I got out some of the green dishes and here is what I have so far. But I think my bread saucer needs to be to the left if I am remembering right rather than in the plate. lol Not used to doing this as you can tell and I can't remember where everything goes. I have several things sitting on the table for ideas. The crystal candle has a candle in it that I THINK might just work with these green dishes. BUT I need it to look Thanksgiving and all green and beige isn't going to give me that look. I have a short piece left of the ribbon I put around that centerpiece and I had thought I might could use some of it on the napkin rings, maybe a bow or something on them? Also that is all I have left of that ribbon. I found it at Michaels the other day for fixing the centerpiece but they only had the ONE roll.
The smaller candle is mint green and it doesn't match at all to the green on the plates. I have two of them I thought I could use but after getting them out and putting them on the table, I don't think they work. lol I haven't put any forks and spoons out yet as you can tell. ;) Just playing around with it right now. I don't know if I need to use the crystal candle holder or the pumpkin and gourd one.
So now what do you think? What do I need to add other than some spoons and forks. lol I'm really not liking it yet but I know I need to add the green color under the plates but what I was wondering if gold would be prettier. BUT then again I want it to look like Thanksgiving.
Oh also..... the green candles wasn't going to stay in the little bowl. I just put it there to keep from sitting it on my tablecloth while I took pics. ;)

Pretty Sunset

Was closing all the curtains a few minutes ago when I happened to look outside and saw this pretty sunset. It was almost too dark to even take the pic and you can see all the pretty colors that were in it. But I just had to share it anyway. I am waiting on my tablecloths and napkins to dry so I can start ironing them and then I am going to try and get what I can done on the Thanksgiving table. SO I just might be back on here tonight sharing pix of that. lol

Thank You's AND Thanksgiving

Thank you Rhoda and Carolyn for your sweet comments! Carolyn, I still haven't decided on which set. lol Still looking for a visual to help me with this. I am leaning toward the beige and green ones with the gold trim on the edge. I've got to find some things in this green color and I'm afraid that's going to be very hard to do since it's an almost mint color. I even thought about cloth, making me some place mats to sit the plates on. That shouldn't be too hard to find in cloth.
I have got all my beige tablecloths and napkins in the washer now in some Oxy clean (or something like that) to get a stain or two out of them. A couple of my napkins were horrible! So I figured I would soak them for awhile and then let them agitate and then soak some more to be sure to get the stains out. One of the tablecloths had a stain in it that I didn't see before I washed it. I have 2 pretty white batten burg lace ones and then like 3 beige linen ones that are really nice so I wanted the stains to be gone. A friend of mine likes the stains (she likes the used effect) but me, being the melancholy that I am, all I can see are the stains when I look at them and they look nasty to me. I sure hope those stains come out of my napkins because they were pretty bad. AND then the work starts with having to starch and iron all these things. lol BUT I'm hoping it will be nice and pretty and my family will enjoy it and see how special it is for them.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Which Dishes for Thanksgiving

I have like 3 nice full sets of dishes. I couldn't have said that a few years ago because I didn't have but the ones we eat out of on a daily basis. BUT now I have several sets. My friend Tammy gave me the ones that have the fruit on them and I call them the Tammy dishes. ;) The other set my Aunt gave me after I was telling her about how excited I was to find some like these for like .25 each. She goes to her cabinet and opens the doors and says like these? I bout fell out! lol I could not believe she had a set just like I was describing to her! So she gave them to me. I dearly LOVE these old dishes! So anyway I am trying to decide which set to use. Notice how the Tammy ones changed colors from the counter on the cabinet to the table with the Thanksgiving colors! I want to use something like a charger under the plate but I have no idea as to what! I don't have any solid colored dishes. I need a solid color off white set of larger plates for using like chargers. I have been at this for a few days now and still not happy with what my table looks like and wondering WHICH dishes to use. HELPPPPPPPP I want it to be soooo special and nice even. I may have to change the gold and oranges of the tablecloth and runner piece on the table to an off white tablecloth which I also have. BUT there again, HOW can I make it look like Thanksgiving with the off white tablecloth and napkins? I even thought I could buy some fresh flowers and make an arrangement for the table with those in fall colors. ?????
I was just over at My Romantic Homes blog and I dearly love what she's done with her table! I am not wild about silver but I really like what shes done. Check out that 3rd pic where she used the silver tray for the centerpiece! LOVE THAT and how she's fixed it.
Aren't those pretty?
oh oh oh, lookie what I finally found! Don't know if I want to go to the extra expense though with the pumpkins. I like this though and it has a white tablecloth! I sure hope all these images I am finding will help someone else as well. Man there's SOME PRETTY TABLES OUT THERE!!!

Baby it's Cold Outside

Well we're suppose to get into the 20's tonight. Burrrrr and am already cold thinking about it. The wind is really blowing out there and pretty chilly right now. Hubby is out there draining my fountain so it wont freeze cuz he said it's suppose to be at least 8 hours of freezing weather. MAYBE it will kill ALL the bugs! lol

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cleaning Out

Brenda over at had such a nice looking pantry she motivated me to clean out my cabinets. LOL That's been a chore this evening and I'm STILL not finished with them! Hers was soooooo organized I thought, OH MY GOSH if she could just SEE MINE! Later after I got off here I went in the kitchen to clean out the dishwasher and put the dishes up. I opened the cabinet door and something fell out on me and I said, OK THAT'S IT! Time to clean and organize and get rid of some stuff! The back of my Murano is full. lol You should SEE all the glass candle holders I have! No need in anyone having THIS MANY! I had stuff in the cabinets I have never even used and stuff I rarely use, so out it went. I feel SO MUCH better already AND I have some space!!!! Only thing my DH has retired and he helps me out in the kitchen a bunch now which I am VERY THANKFUL for, but he just tosses stuff in the cabinets and after I've got them cleaned and organized I'm afraid I'll have to keep fixing it back when he helps me. ;) I am a perfectionist anyway and am really trying hard to work on that and just BE STILL sometimes. He has taught me the hard way to BE STILL and KNOW that He is God! :) Because I am a do-er big time. But since I ruptured the disk in my back several years ago I have to chill out on my doing or it starts getting inflamed on me. So He keeps me reminded on the chill out part when the old leg starts feeling like a 2x4 I like to say. When I over do the left leg gets really stiff and the toes on that same foot starts being a little numb. That's telling me, BE STILL ROSE! :) Chill out!

Ok I went back and found the exact same post Brenda made on her blog so I could share it with you. Is she organized or what? I would dearly LOVE to have a space like she has with all the plastic containers in it! WOW.........Good looking cabinets! Way to go Brenda!! Looks awesome! Hopefully I can finish mine tomorrow or at least work a little more on them anyway. See Brendas nicely done cabinets below.

NOW what's lurking behind YOUR cabinets? Do have bunches of stuff you could donate to your favorite thrift store? :)

Old George's Rocker

This is the old rocker I was telling you all about that my friend gave me the other day. It was his Uncle George's old rocker. Do you think it's worth fooling with? It's pretty sturdy but I have no idea what it costs to get rockers cut for these things. It's a fairly big old rocker! I don't have room for it inside so it would have to go out on the patio. The little chest beside it is another project in the future. It needs a good paint job and some shelves put in it. I plan on storing my fabric in it in the sewing room.
The back of the old rocker is wicker that will have to be torn out because that is rotten.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Click on pix to enlarge......

Wanted to share some of my tea cups and things with you all. I was just over at Brenda's blog looking and noticed AFTER I made a comment on it that she and I have another thing in common as well. TEA CUPS! ;) So that gave me the idea of sharing some of what I have with you all. I LOVVVVVE collecting tea things!
Ignore my curtain rod that isn't painted to match the others yet! ONE of the days I will get that painted!

My husband and I made the little wall shelf all the way around our dining room to store all my tea cups and teapots.

Also right now I am trying to decide just how I want to decorate the table for Thanksgiving. Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality introduced us to a neat guy that got me to thinking about my Thanksgiving table and decorating it. I LOVE the wooden candle sticks he chose on one of his posts so I am going to look for me some wooden candle sticks to use beside the centerpiece. Also got to decide which set of dishes I am going to use or which ones will match all of this. By the way, my friend Tammy gave me this tablecloth many years ago in some stuff she gave me. Then I found these pieces of cloth in a plastic zipped up thing for 1.00 at my favorite bargain store a few years ago. I made a couple table runners out of some of it and plan on making napkins from the piece lying across the edge of the table. MAYBE I can get that done before Thanksgiving! ;) I still need to iron the tablecloth as well. Just playing and trying to decide how I want it right now. I'm trying to decide who to invite for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone we know usually goes to their families and since I don't have family here, I usually just have ours here unless we go to my Aunts.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Poochie Clothes

click to enlarge pix.

My sister has this little teacup chihuahua that thinks she is a human. The thing is spoiled rotten! She has spoiled her to the bone! lol Anyway my sister has moved to MO. and as you know it's colder there than it is here. She says Tink doesn't want to go out and pottie because it's so cold. So my little niece tells me in an email that I need to make her some clothes. lol So I have made her two quilted jackets as well as 3 sets of boots to match those jackets. Then I made her this little dress last night. The little dress is made of flannel. I also made her a set of boots to match the dress. I just had to show you all the little pink dress and boots. lol

The other green ones are the quilted ones I made. They are just cut out on the pic though. Not made yet. lol
NOW I wanna see pix of Tink in her clothes her Auntie Rose made for her! ;)

More Projects

To enlarge the pix, click on them. :)

Thank you Carolyn! I know my sis will appreciate you also wishing her a happy birthday! :)
Well our friends are almost out of their home. They still have a few things left in there, but not much. We went over this evening to do a spot in the carpet for them. The glass top coffee table she had, got some rust on the carpet. The stand part of the table is metal and it has been there for awhile and it got rust on it. So I took my carpet shampooer and got most of it out and also shampooed the hall for them as well. It was the high traffic area.

Anyway he had given me a few things the other day but I haven't taken pix of them yet until now. Plus he gave me a metal coffee table and end table to match for outside. That is them in the pix above. He also gave me a metal picnic table that has to be welded and then painted. He even gave me the paint to paint it with. LOL He is trying to get rid of loads of stuff so they wont have more to have to store in storage as well as take with them to New Mexico. He gave me this cute little Christmas car I have on our insert to the fireplace for right now. I haven't started decorating for Christmas yet but I figured it could stay there to keep it from getting broken.

He also gave me an old old rocker. He said it used to be his Unlce George's. It needs some rockers on it as well as a good scrubbing and a paint job. It's been in the rafters of his barn. Don't know if it's worth all that or not. We'll see. lol I will have to get a pic of it in the day time so you can see it better. It has a wicker back on it right now but that will defiently have to go since it's rotten almost. I have another little rocker on the patio that used to be my husbands Aunts. She gave it to me before she passed away and I dearly love that little rocker. It also needs a rocker on it. I have no clue who can cut those for me but I will be asking around.